Sunday, November 25, 2012

Adventures in blogging

Wellllll - this seems rather silly but I cannot figure out a work-around to allow me to upload photos to my blog.  There being more than one way to skin a cat - make a new blog.

So welcome to Casa Nana (same ole place).  Last Tuesday Nana got to babysit for little Miss B.  She is such a sweetheart - a really easy kid to take care of.
I like to hold my own spoon

I like to skoot around on the floor

Thanksgiving day was held at Casa Nana.  We had the whole group (except for my DIL and Baby B - she was sick)
A really lovely day for one and all.

Meanwhile I have been continuing working on my Sandy Blocks.  These are being organized by Michele at Quilting Bloggers.  I have mailed off the first 4.  Today I finished the next 6.  Not huge numbers, but thus far there have been enough blocks committed to make more than 45 quilts.

The next fun project is that I have begun working on the latest Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt.  She calls it Easy Street.  I have done two previous mystery quilts with her guidance, but they were VERY complicated.  [Roll Roll Cotton Boll had 70 pieces per block!]  Bonnie promised this one to be easier, thus Easy Street.  I followed Bonnie's suggested color scheme.  Remember this is not rocket science - color is what you want.
The grey polka-dot is my consistent fabric

Friend Ronda is using a red for her consistent fabric
So what is "Black" Friday?  Around Casa Nana it was rainy, wet Sewing Friday.  Wonderful.

192 4-patches.  (actually this is about 174, but I will have 192 before the next clue is given on Friday.  I'm not sure how many weeks this will go on, but each Friday a new set of instructions for the next step of the quilt.

I forgot to show you the terrific wooden spatulas that our friend Diane made.  Isn't she so clever?
I can't remember all the different sorts of wood, but they are impressive, for sure.

Hope you had a great Thansksgiving.  And now it's time to get our game on for Christmas.  Oh my!