Wednesday, December 16, 2015

She DID fall off the turnip truck

I love that expression and yes, I appear to have fallen off.  My biggest hold-up is the inability to get my photo program to work properly.  Blogs without any photos are soooooo boring.

So let's do a bit of catching up.  Thanksgiving was fun and busy with 9 of us enjoying turkey and all the requisite trimmings.  E's brother Henry came from Michigan and cousins from Everett came as well.  Fun, tasty and a grand afternoon and evening.

So the big run-up to Christmas begins (actually, it is well on its way).  Nana has had several items to get completed:

We also got a new tree planted in the front grass strip.

Several concerts and a couple of plays.  Shopping and wrapping for our adopted Christmas family.  I had a very fun day beginning the "catch up" with friend Julia.  She had moved away almost 20 years ago, but has now moved back into the area.  She took me to a marvelous new place:  The Chalet in the Woods.   Oh such fun!

A charming locale for all variety of Scandinavian items.  We were greeted at the door with a cup of coffee and a cookie and invited inside to wander to our heart's content.  What a treat.  Limited hours, but if you are interested I can tell you how to find it in Gig Harbor.  And yes, Nana did manage to find a couple of Christmas gifts there.
The sweet little girls are getting very excited for Santa Claus to come and visit their house.  Some sleep sacks and baby quilts for CTA - and I have been keeping busy, all in all.  

Hoping that your holidays are blessed.