Monday, December 29, 2014

"Yes, Virginia, sewing is and will be happening"

So I gave you all the familius  Now - a couple of sewing/quilting things.  Between other events, I have been working on:

1.  Bonnie Hunter's mystery
2.  Complete a dolly blanket and binding
3.  Make binding for a table runner
4.  Complete Block #6 for a Block-a-month that I bought ages ago.  All 1930's style fabrics.

5.  Cut the pieces for block #7 - here's a photo and my fabrics

It would seem I must be feeling guilty to list this all out for you.  But just in case I should run out of things to keep me amused over this traveling New Year's adventure, I found a couple of more things that really called my name.  We just had to stop by Carriage Country Quilts - one of my very most favorite quilt stores in the northwest, as we were in Des Moines.  Of course, they have rooms full of treasures (just ask Caro and Dieuwke and Willemijn) and a couple jumped into my basket.

String-in the Lights
Little birds holding a string of Christmas lights

Marked down Christmas merchandise.  This makes a 22" pillow.  Also some great fabric for a table-topper.

The border is a lovely grey.

And finally something I've never done before - just had a wild hair, I guess, I bought a block a month kit (12 patterns) with all the fabric.  I love it and will bring it with me over the New Year.

Each month's house is a different theme and bordered with a different color.  Confetti fabric sashing.  So cute!

So I guess I will have a few things to focus on, do ya think?

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Joyful holidays

Even spread out over several days, this has been a delightful holiday, all around.  So this will fill you in on my family events.  I have done lots of sewing for the holidays, which I couldn't show you before hand, so I shall try to show you what I have done or at least tell you.

Christmas Eve day was Christmas with my son, DIL and two little grand-girls.  The 20 month old didn't totally "get it" but enjoyed tearing lots of paper.  The 3 year old kind of was tuned in and could mostly read the names on the packages - if printed plainly.

New sleeping bag for our annual camping trip

A quick dip before a nap

Two little ladies in the center (white dress on the left and red dress/black sweater on right)  The girls decided that during the Family Church service they needed to go up to the front with some of the other children.  It is extremely relaxed and that was a fine decision.  You may notice that both Mary and Joseph are holding a "Baby Jesus" (Actually there were 6 babies (Jesi?) so it was decided that they all should participate.)  Y'all come - everyone is welcome.  Everyone enjoyed the service.

Christmas morning was quiet, just the two of us.  Very relaxed and peaceful.  I even also did a bit of sewing later in the afternoon.

Today, Dec. 28, was Christmas with my daughter and those three grandkids.  They had been out of town earlier.  It was also my grandson's 12th birthday.  So all the gang gathered, including my ex-husband and his wife, and son and his kids.  "Hail, Hail - the gang's all here".
3 y.o.

20 months

Looking "up" to older cousins

The "big" boy

8 y.o.

Oldest granddaughter made a "Lego" shaped birthday cake.  Yummy!

Last week we went to see The Nutcracker ballet, with friends.

Cooking with friend Diane.

Been working on 12 mug rugs.  We are going away for New Year's with friends and I've made them each a mug rug.  Working on the latest Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt.  We are up to Step 4.

So there you are.  A very Happy New Year and excitedly looking forward to new adventures in 2015.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This has been a lovely holiday.  We have had lots of rain, but also a few peeks of sunshine.  We did the traditional: everyone comes to the Grandma's.  We made the turkey, stuffing, cranberry and mashed potatoes.  Others. brought green bean casserole, rolls,squash, assorted beverages and four (!) kinds of pie: lemon, pear, boysenberry and pumpkin.  Oh my!  A marvelous feast and really very good company.  The big cousins were wonderful playmates. for the little girls.  Everyone had a good time.

I have had a couple of fun sessions working in the sewing room.  One Of my catch-up projects, putting sashing between crazy flower squares - made in a Buggy Barn class.  And then I had a bit of a wild hair to make a 1600 quilt, using the lots and lots of Christmas fabrics left-overs.  Enjoying myself.  Here are a few snaps of all of this.  Included are a lovely flower arrangement that,oldest granddaughter made for us.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Block Quilters Quilt Show

Such a fun day on Saturday.  Quilt friend Ronda and I headed east of Seattle to the Quilt Show put on by the other big Quilt Group in the area - Block Quilters.  I haven't been to this show for several years, when Ronda and I went with Caro (Caroline Dijkerman).  Caro was busy at home so we had to go without her.  It is a very nice show in a comfortable locale.

There were 8 or 10 vendors, as well as a members' extras for sale.  Ronda found some fabric, I found a pair of knitting needles.  So here are a few of ones that I thought were very good.

The quilts are much better than my photography skills.  Some interesting details included a 1/4" border
Another quilt had 7 (!) borders
Some really lovely work

Now I guess I better get busy.  Happy quilting.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Just like Caro says

It is easy to facebook and not to blog - sadly this just takes longer.  But to catch you up:  We have been having much fun with our friends who moved to Colorado.  The four of us met up in Reno and headed over to Lake Tahoe.  We have had adventures everyday, lots of yummy meals and even had a small Birthday party for Nancy after dinner tonight.  We have done some exploring of the area and everyone's interests have been catered to ( sort of).  Quilt Tahoe is a very charming small store bt unfortunately I didnt think to take any photos.  I did find a couple of patterns and a small piece of fabric (for something - I dont know quite what).  A bit of retail therapy (buying) and lots of looking.  This is a really big ski town and this is just between seasons and activities so the shops are changing their merchandise.  Sadly the gondola was closed for maintenance.  Lots of great campgrounds during the season.  Tomorrow we fly home.  I am excited to get behind my sewing machine for a while.  Enjoy some of what we have seen.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week-end in Anacortes

Turns out it was our last RVing week-end of the 2014 season.  I always hate it when this date comes - I so love going out in the rig - and I sleep so well in that little space.  On Friday morning, before all the regular activities began, we headed into town.  We started with a visit to the Soroptimist's Thrift Shop.  If you read this blog, you know I love to find fabric "cheap".  I managed to locate a number of pieces ranging from 1 yard to 4.5 yards - for a total of $14.

Also visited two "real" quilt stores and found a couple of little things.  With the current passion around the movie and stars of "Frozen", the one panel was perfect for a little 3 year old I see each week.  :-)
and found another piece for the under 2 y.o.
 and because it was pretty cute,  a new apron panel

A very fun week-end.  Even the weather cooperated.  On the trip home we visited Costco, as I heard they had a good sale going on a new coffeemaker.  Caro - it isn't George, but it is pretty terrific in my kitchen.
It brews single cups, as well as a pot-full.  So far, so good.  I love it!