Monday, December 29, 2014

"Yes, Virginia, sewing is and will be happening"

So I gave you all the familius  Now - a couple of sewing/quilting things.  Between other events, I have been working on:

1.  Bonnie Hunter's mystery
2.  Complete a dolly blanket and binding
3.  Make binding for a table runner
4.  Complete Block #6 for a Block-a-month that I bought ages ago.  All 1930's style fabrics.

5.  Cut the pieces for block #7 - here's a photo and my fabrics

It would seem I must be feeling guilty to list this all out for you.  But just in case I should run out of things to keep me amused over this traveling New Year's adventure, I found a couple of more things that really called my name.  We just had to stop by Carriage Country Quilts - one of my very most favorite quilt stores in the northwest, as we were in Des Moines.  Of course, they have rooms full of treasures (just ask Caro and Dieuwke and Willemijn) and a couple jumped into my basket.

String-in the Lights
Little birds holding a string of Christmas lights

Marked down Christmas merchandise.  This makes a 22" pillow.  Also some great fabric for a table-topper.

The border is a lovely grey.

And finally something I've never done before - just had a wild hair, I guess, I bought a block a month kit (12 patterns) with all the fabric.  I love it and will bring it with me over the New Year.

Each month's house is a different theme and bordered with a different color.  Confetti fabric sashing.  So cute!

So I guess I will have a few things to focus on, do ya think?


  1. Lovely blocks you ar making and the fun things you bought! I love the bareroot stitcherie patterns! And the cardinals with the aspen trees are so cute! Í am sure you won't get bored this winter!

  2. I know somebody who isnt getting bored in 2015. Can you put Country and Carriage on my wishlist. Happy 2015. Caro xxx

  3. That embroidery quilt is delightful! Who's it made by? I think I could even do that, and I'm almost ready for a new project. :)