Friday, February 19, 2016

Yeah I've been doing a few things

I was thinking that although I felt like I had been busy what could I show you?  But in fact, there are two or three things. 

My sweet friend Christian gifts me with his "out the door" shirts. So this perfect television job of "de-boning" a shirt has been going on.  Cut out all the heavy seams and collect a bunch of buttons.  It is pretty mindless but satisfying.

Been doing loads of serging for Days for Girls. Part of the challenge is getting the size just right.  I tend to err on the size of too big then I have to go back and re-do the edges. And if I'm not using exactly the same 4 cones of thread, then it can show through. Grrrrrr 

For my most recent "completion" project I came upon some "thangles" blocks I had finished but never done anything with. So I put together this small table mat, approx 12" square. The thangles are 1/2". Pretty beeny and rather difficult to work with. Oh well.

Next week is the Sewing and Stitchery Expo. Three weeks from today, our dear friends Caro and Dieuwke arrive from the Netherlands. It will be a sewing and quilting and shopping extravaganza (at least it always has been in the past). Great fun. I am looking forward to it. Get ready for lots of photos!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Simple? Not!

Oh those things that seem they should be so simple and quick can manage to take quite a bit of time.  Remember these two table rumnners?

So it should have been a very simple task, but somehow it took the entire morning and a bit more just to change thread color and set up for just a little very simple quilting on my home machine and then make binding for each of these, and sew it on.  Yikes.  Now just to find some decent television to sit in front of, to sew the binding down.

I have also been doing just bunches and bunches of serging of edges of pieces of flannel for Days for Girls - so I guess that should count, too.

Keepin' on!