Friday, June 19, 2015

Official Summer is just around the corner

After this week-end it will be official summer.  Hurrah!  I can't really complain as we have had such a spectacular spring - although everything in the garden is way ahead of itself.  It is just so doggone cheerful to awake (or shortly thereafter) find lots of blue overhead.  Lovely, indeed.

A girl needs some time with the iPad - checking things out

Snacks at the park

Fun day for the Grandma's earlier this week.

This is sandwiched.  Need to do a bit of quilting and finish it up - at least I wanted it complete for next week-end.  Hmmmm.

Been playing with a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  The "braid" will become the border around the green border.  Kind of fun - and certainly a way to use up LOTS of odds and ends.

Onward for experimentation.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

June, already

It hardly seems possible that almost half of this year has gone by.  I really must be getting old - it goes so fast.

So for updates,

I still have my babytsitting adventures each week.  My daughter in law is a teacher, so we have a couple more weeks to go.  And then, in July, she is heading to Israel and Palestine for a learning vacation.  She was chosen as Teacher of the Year from her school and with that goes a grant to cover the costs of an educational trip.  Great, huh?  Hubby will be staying around to provide the main care for the girls, but we will try to help out as much as we can.  Here are Mermaid Brennan and Dr. Lily,

It was a busy morning arranging the picnic in Dad's study.

My sewing has mostly been working on Days for Girls.  If you haven't visited this website, please do.  It is such a worthwhile project to be involved with - all over the world.

Shields (from cotton) and liners (from flannel).  More purple flannel to be sewn.