Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer is moving along

I haven't been at home a lot lately, so not so much sewing going on.  But a couple of things to show.

A friend recently retired and will be moving.  Her plan for now is to move into her new-to-her RV and live full time, traveling around.  So I, of course, started a quilt.  Still to add borders - one of the red and then I have made a piano key border.  Yes, it will be busy, but I hope she will like it.

Last night I got the blocks all sewn together.  Earlier I had also sewn these blocks together, into a ......... Table Runner.  Caro says that is all I make but that isn't true, quite.  If I just have a few blocks it is a good way to use them.

These are some fun African prints.  Now for a border.  Hmmmmm.

Recently a friend found me an Accuuilt. Go cutter, at the GoodWill.  Yeah for bargains, but it didn't come with any dies.  So this week-end I bought my first one - to make a 5" square.  So I will be off making lots of those and Bonnie Hunter Leaders and Enders with the left-overs.

My brother has moved.  He had a huge number of the family photos.  I was supposed to be getting copies, but he doesn't have space for them so now they are mine.  Kind of fun.  Guess who?

Bottom one is about 3 years old and the top about 5.  Some folks look really different as adults.  Some of us you can pick out with ease.

Happy Summer.  Enjoy!