Monday, March 6, 2017

It is still so cold. Will spring come?

The weather calendar says spring is supposed to arrive in a few weeks, but it continues to be cold and we even keep getting snow and rain showers  i, for one, am getting really fed up. Bring on the sunshine......please. 

Things have been happening in the sewing room at Nana's.   I dont remember how I came to have these blocks, but I do like them all together. I am thinking no border, but I do have to figure out what to do for binding. What color?

I have spent several evenings making Shields for Days for Girls. 100 kits were sent recently to Africa. More required. 

Got some star blocks set and into rows. Now just to make a pleasant lap-size coverlet, I think. Some of theae stars are from Caroline, Dieuwke and Willemijn in. Block swap several years ago.  Ignore the messy sewing room. 

The big event was having a day, last Thursday, at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo. This an annual event which is huge and busy and such fun. In my head I could spent hundreds of dollars. In my head only. In reality I was most restrained and basically bought "tools". But there is everything you can imagine: yarn, fabric, notions, tools and machines. I bought my serger here several years ago as they tend to have better prices, if you are in the market.  It is the perfect outing for sewing/quilting friends and I got to spend a day with my friend Julia. So my purchases included air and water markers, a silver choco marker and mini clips.  I found a couple of sparkly iron-ons to decorate a couple of shirts (every girl needs some bling). A wool Christmas kit to make mini bags 

And then there were a couple of 'what the heck' purchases. I bought two dies for my Accu-quilt cutter. I am not really bragging but I got this from the Goodwill, so I cant really complain about the cost of the dies.  I got the three birds and bought thr Hunter Star. That has been on my list for a long time 

They do make life simple.  Time to get back to the sewing room and use some of these items. Find spring.