Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September is ending

I have heard from several folks that I should continue with this blog, at least for a while longer.  So catching up.

Since we arrived home from our adventures in Europe, we have been really rather crazy busy.  But life is good and we are well and happy.  We began with an RVW event at the ocean, 2 days after touching down.  [some might say, bad planning, but oh well].  We were on the Long Beach peninsula - quite a long drive from here.  The Pacific Ocean, reasonably calm.  And although windy, not cold.  [some fun driftwood sculptures, too, on the path to the beach.]
Yes, people drive on the sand here.

Of course, my little ones are back in need of some care, as mom has returned to the classroom.  And dressing up was the order of the day - aren't they so funny.

Twirliing with all my ruffles.

However, Nana has also found some time for some fabric endeavors, as well.  I have started working on my "Round per week" from Simone in the Netherlands.  However, I am facing some challenges as it seems just awfully small for these somewhat older eyes.  I must write and ask her what she thinks.
Working on my Lynette Anderson piece - although I am waaaaay behind Yvonne.
"Sandwiched" this top which I finished a while ago, but just hadn't finished.  Now to figure out what to do about quilting.  [Any suggestions would be gratefully received.]
And I got the pink border added to this piece, which is a compilation of several other projects and some stray blocks from Ronda.  Another UFO.

I have been trying to research the issue with not being able to leave comments.  As best as I can figure out, it has to do with whether or not you have a Google account.  Perhaps I should consider another place/site to host this blog.  I haven't done anything about it yet, but have been pondering.  Needless to say, I will let you know.

And finally, a thank you for friends who still love us, even when there seem to be some hiccups on the way.  We keep on - and try harder.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bad girl

So much has been happening, that I have resorted to facebook for my "catch ups".  Sorry Ronda.  I will ask Caroline to help me make a photo album.  In super quick fashion: we had almost a week in the Hague, moved to the Angeline for two weeks of biking and "barging", returned to the Hague with three of our RV friends and did some more touring.  We have seen soooooooo much and eaten ourselves silly - oh, but such fun!  Caro and Rob have continued to be spectacular hosts to these wandering Americans.  And tomorrow the next adventure commences. - returning to that other life across the planet (i.e. home).

Here are a few scenes from yesterday

(sorry for the delay - the computer decided to stop loading photos.  And then, of course, there was all the kerfuffle with cancelled flights, etc.)

view of Amsterdam


I do have to question the value of continuing to do this blog - I don't think it is being read, so perhaps it's time for a new direction?  Let me know what you think.