Saturday, April 12, 2014

Joys of Spring

Oh, how much I love sunny spring weather.  It is just so cheering and makes me so happy.  Everyone at Casa Nana is recouping from the big Superfluity sale - no more schlepping heavy boxes for a while.
I am pleased to report that I have finally finished this quilt for Owen.  He chose the fabrics probably a year ago and Nana has been slow to find a pattern that seemed to work well with this disparate collection.  But I am quite pleased with how this turned out and I think he is as well.  He has a "youth" sized bed and this seems like it will be a great fit.
I have also been working on my Block of the Month embroidery.  It feels so spring-like, with all its pinks and greens and lavender.  Next are the flowers in the small triangles.

Today was our first visit to the recently renovated (and moved) Museum of History and Industry - MOHAI.  It was a great place, with nice views and very interesting exhibits about Seattle from its earliest settlers to modern day happenings.  Yvonne - I think we might want to visit here.  Also, Caro, you too.

Nicely located right on the shore of Lake Union - a busy harbor filled mostly with pleasure boats, but a few older ones, including this one that holds wonderful memories for me.
When I was a child, through high school I went to summer camp every year, on a nearby island and this was how we got there and back.  We were so very excited to travel there and so incredibly sad when it was over and time to come home.  Lots and lots of memories. . . . . .

We enjoyed lunch with our dear friends Nancy and Diane,

Later we did some yard work, 2 of the "grands" worked on building a bird house,

and we finished the evening with the first BBQ of the season,

What a grand day!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

We Made It!

Well, we have survived one more episode of Superfluity.  I don't know how many folks came by, but most departments had more goods than last year and many reported increased sales.  We certainly know that there were more books than last year.
These are fiction hard bound and paper bound

A large children's section

For the last hour today, folks were offered a shopping bag and they could fill the bag for $3.  What a bargain!  The left overs were disbursed multiple directions: two different people each brought a car-full to two different shelters, and then the left-overs still there went to the Salvation Army.  And believe it or not, by 4pm you would never know what had been going on.

Before the week-end was over we had enjoyed a soup, bread and pie lunch.  All homemade soup and pie.

And a number of tasty treats
Rice Krispie and marshmallow bars

And now we are all completely 'pooped out'.  This will likely be a movie rental and some quiet stitching evening.  Oh yes,  I forgot to mention that the book department earned over $3500.  Not too bad for really only 2 selling days.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Now it's April

Wow - so many things happening.  Firstly, I must comment on how impacted we all feel by the huge mud slide northeast of here.  So unbelievably sad, devastating, impossible to imagine.  Just some ole Saturday morning has made a huge change to not only all these folks, but all of us, who can/should never take our lives for granted.  Oh so sad.

This is the culmination of more than 11 weeks of preparation for our huge church rummage sale, "Superfluity".  The sale opens to the public tonight, through mid-day Saturday.  As in previous years, all the money raised is given to community agencies.  Additionally, the 3 childcare programs,  along with myriad other programs, that are housed in our church, are allowed to "shop" at no cost.  We very much consider this our main outreach effort [the monies are not for the church].  As you may remember, we work in the Book Department and always find reading for the next year - we stock up.  But, of course, we are allowed to "shop" in other departments.  Oh yes, I did find a couple of things:

3 yards each of 2 Christmas fabrics and this turquoise star fabric.  I also found the making of a scrap quilt - 22 - 6" strips, along with fabric for two borders:
The pattern is made up of 5" squares.

Some funny buttons,
There is the usual availability of fabulous homemade goodies.  I found some pumpkin bread and tonight I will make some cookies to take in the morning.

Still being the lucky grandma, with those sweet little girls.  New skills developing each day - it always is so amazing and delightful.

Aren't they something?

Hope that spring is treating you well!

Monday, March 31, 2014

March is "finally" ending

On the news tonight, the weather person reported that we have had over 9.4 inches of rain, in this month alone.  The average March monthly total is 3.7 inches.  I keep paying attention to the weather in Amsterdam (for my Dutch friends) and they have been having several days of sunshine - and I have been so jealous.
[notice what happens to the picnic table cover - it fills up with rain water.]

But it did improve for Sunday afternoon, when our friends Susan and Christophe came for a "tea party".  Great fun!
And they brought some sweet narcissus,

Otherwise, I have been working on my Leanne's Block of the month, by Leanne Beasley. [I think I told you the wrong designer last post.  Apologies.]  Onto Block two.

Most of the stems complete - now to finish the flowers for this block.

We have now begun the final count-down to the church rummage sale (rommelmarkt).  Today's job was to set up tables and start setting out which books go on which table.  Tomorrow it is babysitting day and then back on Wednesday (after a brief coffee date with friend Alayne, finally back up here from her winter Palm Springs stay).  Thursday evening is the official opening of the Superfluity Sale.  That is the time that the professional book dealers come [and I stay away].  I will be working on Friday, most of the day.  And then Saturday morning and then we close up shop for another year.  [and everyone comes home and collapses.  :-> ]

Happy spring everyone.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Hip Hip Hurray!

Guess who is 1 year old now?

And my big sister chose the cake and the frosting!
[Of course, she also helped Nana to mix it and put it in the pan.  Finally after naps, it cooled enough to put the frosting on it and then to put all the sprinkles on top.  Very proud!]

I especially enjoyed peas for my dinner.

Life is pretty exciting these days!

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Rains were raining

The news tonight reported that thus far in March (just over half of the month) we have had twice as much rain as is normal.   I can sure believe that.  It just bucketed all week-end on our first RV outing.  It is a good thing that we have so much fun, that even dreadful weather can't dampen our spirits.

The ever-popular potlucks, a game (or 2) of Texas Hold'em and a chance to polish up our bowling skills.  (for many of us, the last time bowling was 2 years ago when we went to this same RV park and nearby bowling alley.)  Great Fun!

Last week was our usual Stashbusters gathering.  A few of the projects folks are working on

And I have had a chance to work on a couple of projects, myself
Little humbug bag

A border for my Lozenges (a la Bonnie Hunter, Leaders and Enders)

And at long, long last I finished the first block of the Leanne Anderson Block of the Month pattern.  For this one I did all the embroidery before assembling the block.  I then went back and re-read the directions which said to assemble first, then embroider.  So will try that order of working on Block 2.  We shall see which way I prefer to work on it.

Stay dry!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Almost officially spring

Well, on Thursday, it WILL be spring.  Of course we know that doesn't always (often?) produce lovely, spring-like weather, but soon.

My little 'baby-sitting' girls and an up-coming birthday (1 year old).

I got a border on my lozenges, but need to take a photo.  Also am about finished with a couple of "Mug Rugs".  And I have seriously started working on my Lynette Anderson pattern.  [a mighty, mighty old UFO - MMOUFO?]  YEAH!!!!

 Today we are off for our first RVing adventure for 2014.  Yeah. (again)  Always lots and lots of fun.  Supposed to rain all week-end, but I'll have the camera and see what I get.  The theme is High School Reunion - oh my!

And a birthday for friend Caroline - although who is still counting?

Good days to you!