Thursday, August 27, 2015

Eminently tardy blogwriter

This has been a deligjtful and BUSY summer!  No big trips but many, many week-end adventures.  Love our happy motorhome - really getting our money's worth this year. Fun started with Fourth of July camping adventures. Sadly that interfered this year with our annual Pine Needle trip, but so many choices it is difficult!

We took two of the grands to our church's family camp at Seabeck.  See how dry it has been!

We brought the kids home and headed off for Lake Cushman - a new destination for us.  Really beautiful and also included a trip into the Olympic National Forest, nearby.

On to a regular RV event with our group along Hood Canal.  The Lug Nuts were the "staff" at Camp Cascadia.  And then it was time to get ready for the 14th Annual Camping with the Grandma's trip   Luckily this year no rain, no hail and we parked so we could use the awning.  Hurrah'

Nana and Oakie's Favorite Five'

Border to be attached. (Christmas gift ready early!)

Pattern from the internet. Isnt it so cute?

Block of the Month which I am finally finishing.

One of the free Bonnie Hunter patterns.  USE UP THOSE SCRAPS!

So, yes, I have had a bit of time behind the machine!

One more week-end out and about.  Another adventure at Harmony Lakeside resort. Oh goodness,

And here we are, almost September.  My days with the Little Girls are already beginning, school is ready to start, fall sports, and so it goes!  Happy Autumn 2015.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Official Summer is just around the corner

After this week-end it will be official summer.  Hurrah!  I can't really complain as we have had such a spectacular spring - although everything in the garden is way ahead of itself.  It is just so doggone cheerful to awake (or shortly thereafter) find lots of blue overhead.  Lovely, indeed.

A girl needs some time with the iPad - checking things out

Snacks at the park

Fun day for the Grandma's earlier this week.

This is sandwiched.  Need to do a bit of quilting and finish it up - at least I wanted it complete for next week-end.  Hmmmm.

Been playing with a Bonnie Hunter pattern.  The "braid" will become the border around the green border.  Kind of fun - and certainly a way to use up LOTS of odds and ends.

Onward for experimentation.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

June, already

It hardly seems possible that almost half of this year has gone by.  I really must be getting old - it goes so fast.

So for updates,

I still have my babytsitting adventures each week.  My daughter in law is a teacher, so we have a couple more weeks to go.  And then, in July, she is heading to Israel and Palestine for a learning vacation.  She was chosen as Teacher of the Year from her school and with that goes a grant to cover the costs of an educational trip.  Great, huh?  Hubby will be staying around to provide the main care for the girls, but we will try to help out as much as we can.  Here are Mermaid Brennan and Dr. Lily,

It was a busy morning arranging the picnic in Dad's study.

My sewing has mostly been working on Days for Girls.  If you haven't visited this website, please do.  It is such a worthwhile project to be involved with - all over the world.

Shields (from cotton) and liners (from flannel).  More purple flannel to be sewn.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A couple a things

Really am enjoying some spectacularly lovely weather these past 3 days - despite the grey and clouds throughout the Memorial Day week-end.  At least it didn't rain (much) and the usual festivities reigned.  I am pleased to report that the quilt that Michele and I made raised $225.  I was feeling satisfied with that.  Overall the auction raised $3300 - good huh?

I did, unfortunately, find a really miserable cold while away, so have been blowing and coughing A LOT!  Been working on a couple of projects to show you,

Each month the little house changes with the seasons.  Very cute and when all 12 are done, it will be very cute.  I do love the Vliesofix (sp?) as the backing.  Thanks Caro.

Also been trying out a pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Like it!  And Caro like many good American patterns it is: sew, cut, sew again, cut again and sew again.

Using some nice dark blue fabrics from Agnes, in the Netherlands.  It makes me happy.  Soon it will be summer.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggidy Jig

Well, fog and cancelled flights and connecting flights that are oversold, all make for a less than terrific day, but we did manage to make it home.  7 hours sitting in the Minneapolis airport was something.  Oh well - we survived.

I did have a "wild hair" and made cookies.  Can't remember exactly the last time I did that.  So we have one contained on the counter and a couple in the freezer.  Half of them are chocolate chip and half have peanut butter and butterscotch chips.  Pretty OK.

Haven't been doing any sewing but did get a package while we were gone.  A couple of books,

And some 10" squares - The Settlement Stack.  Nice, rather basic fabrics.  Not sure what they are for, but a girl does need to have choices:
Tomorrow I'll get together with Alayne and work on putting the binding on the RV group Auction Quilt.  Keeping busy.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan

Enjoying pretty terrific weather as we take in the tulips and all the celebrations.  TodY we took in the Quilt Show.
Also some great antique machines
Then some lunch at a very nice brew pub and then the first Volksparade.  Complete with street sweepers.
Tomorrow should be a visit to Dutch VilÅ‚age and in. The evening we have tickets to Second City Improv.  
Really looking forward to that!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Actually Sewing

Yes, I have been working on a number of things.  I hope that I have photos of all the projects to show you.
I finished this quilt made as a surprise for friend Barbara who has some health challenges.  I think she was quite pleased to be remembered with so much love.  AND it turned out that Linda who had provided most of the fabric and the five pieced blocks had a birthday and I was able to make her a table runner with the bits and pieces left over.

I finished a lap quilt for Sally, but no photo.  Sorry.  I finished a tablecloth for Karen, who sometimes reads this blog, so I cannot show you until I deliver it to her next week.

A fun block from Bonnie Hunter.  I have just been playing with it and seeing how I like it.  Kind of fun.

I had seen a pattern somewhere (I cannot remember or find it again) but it looked something like this, so I made a quilt for an RVing friend and her new trailer.  I hope she likes it.  I was happy with how it turned out.

I apologize for this being a bit blurry, but Yvonne do you ever sing the little song about the "Itsy Bitsy Spider"?  Well it is one of our favorites.
New adventures await.  Visiting family and friends.  Photos to follow.  Hope everyone is well.