Saturday, June 11, 2016

I am Proud of Me!

I started the year saying 2016 would be my year of completion.  With so many un-done projects that needed to be finished up, I really needed to "buckle down" and "git 'er done".  Well, I have been and still am working on lingering UFO's.

That has continued and I have a couple more to show you - as well as a couple of items that snuck into the line-up.  My sweet grandgirls needed the hem let down on these very cute summer dresses.  They wore them last summerin a wedding and Nana had to make them a lot shorter, but they still fit so just needed the hem adjusted.  

These now need a good pressing.  Funny story - a couple of weeks ago one of the girls asked me "What is an iron?".  Like many (most?) young women today, ironing is incredibly old-fashioned and not often done.  In fact, I'm not sure my son and family even own an iron.  Good thing that Nana does!

A sweet tablemat, ready for spring.  I do really like this ruler: It is called a Twister Pinwheel.  

Caro is sure that I am the Queen of Table Runners. I'mnot sure that is true, but I like making them and using them - a quick and easy way to try out a new pattern.  This one is for my friend Christian.  He has been so generous to share his dress shirts and this time, even 3 suits.  So I carefully dis-membered them and at last - a new Table Runner.  I hope he likes it.  I even used one of his shirts for the backing.

It really isn't pleated on the back (as this appears).

Last summer I bought a kit to make a very fun pillow.  Finally getting to it.

Our camper doesn't look like this one, but it will be fun to have on the sofa.

Today was my day to be the CTA Volunteer at a local quilt store - one of Caro's favorites.
So Here are a couple of views.

As you can see, it is a very large shop with the very nicest staff. And while this is all volunteer,they do give us a discount on purchases for the next couple of weeks.  So the "Oyster" white, that I needed did come home with me.  This is for my Blue and White quilt.
Just a perfect match.

As Garrison says, That's all the news from Lake Woebegone.  Have a great June.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Salt Lake City

Such an interesting city. Among our most exciting adventures were learning that we could go and hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra. We didnt realize that we could go to Temple Square and hear some magnificent music!  We then spent quite some time exploring other parts of the square.  

Everything is LARGE.  For those of us who love quilts, a home of Brigham Young, Beehive House, had a few lovely old quilts 

Sadly, our planned "meet up" with Yvonne van Rijn could not happen. Alas!

Returning to home now. Lots of ideas for new projects are floating around my head. Hope your May weather is as pleasant as we have had.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Adventures Abound

We live in a pretty spectacular world, with sights and scenes that cause you to say "WOW". Let me share some of that with you.

The American National Park system is an amazing treasure.  We have seen Rocky Mountain National Park - I should say we have seen a tiny, tiny piece of RMNP 

Bear Lake (at 10,000 ft) is still frozen over. 

Nearby, in Golden, Colorado, is a charming small museum, The Rocky Mountain Quilt Musuem. They are currently having an exhibit of Australian Quilts in cooperation with Quiltmania magazine. I was astonished with the workmanship - In particular, the tiny quilting done, some even on a home machine.  The exhibit guide and I felt sure that silk thread must have been used as some of the stitching was miniscule.

Done on a home machine approx queen size.
Each dot individually quilted around. 

Sometimes it is difficult to know whether to be overwhelmed or inspired, but it was great. 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Some current projects

I have been having some fun working on a couple of different projects. 

Got all the stitching done. Just to trim the darker green to a consistent size. I will be ready next year!

Pattern from Bonnie Hunter. It is called wacky stars. Lots of scraps used. 

I have long loved these stars. These are made from half square triangles. Not sure where these are going but now I know how to make them. 

Dieuwke gave me this Tree of Life panel. Using silk thread I have outlined each element (flowers, leaves, etc). I am now working on the quarter squares to surround the panel. Fitting is a major challenge. Since I dont have a pattern I am not sure exactly what comes next. I am remembering (sort of) the lovely Di Ford quilt from Quiltmania - at least as an inspiration.

Keeps me "off the streets". <smile>

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

the Weeks go tripping by

Well, yes, it has been almost "forever" since last writing.  So much happening.  Caroline was here and we were mighty, mighty busy.  And then the huge church rummage sale to attend to - we work in the Books Department.  And despite the growth of Kindle reading - we managed to sell more than $3800 worth of books.  That's a lot of books!

My on-going grandchildren duties and visits, another RV outing and then preparing for a visit to dear friends.

So to back-track:

I led a small workshop with my CTA group on the Bonnie Hunter Scrap Users system.  All about using Leaders and Enders and how to make small pieces work together to create some fun things.  These two quilts are mysteries from Bonnie.

We had a birthday party for a three year old.

Enjoyed some great springtime weather.

April Fool's Day brought some tom-foolery at the gym.  The look on the instructor's face was priceless.

Sew-a-thon for Days for Girls

Trip to the park

An RV Outing to Port Townsend, WA.  Again, fabulous weather was enjoyed.

I realize I haven't actually shown you much of anything I have sewn.  And that HAS been happening, but it will wait for another blog post.  I say I will try to do better - and I will.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Visitor from the Netherlands

I am indeed tardy in talking about Caroline's visit. While this wasn't her first visit, she had not been for a couple of years (!) so we had much to carch up on here in Seattle.  On her first day we stopped for that all-American item - a hamburger, on our way home from the airport.  That afternoon we had a somewhat delayed Christmas gift exchange. But such fun. We really missed Dieuwke and were sad that  she wAs not well enough to come along.  Caro promised to bring her gifts along to her. 

Our first big outing was the Quilter's Anonymous Quilt Show at the Monroe Fair Grounds. 

Very ordered sashing with crazy quilt type of centers. Interesting.

More than 500 quilts plus about 25 vendors. We showed great restraint and only bought a few things. Honest!

Monday was breakfast with two of our RV friends who had cycled with us in the Netherlands two years ago. Much fun. We tried to visit one of the local quilt stores but a big wind storm came up and just as we entered the store all the power and lights went out in the store. No shopping today. 

Tuesday while I did my babysitting duties, Caro used her skills to take bus downtown, all on her own.  Again, only a little quilt shopping. She tried the crumpet shop, but it was closed on Tuesday.
Caro has been here enough to know this.

That evening was a birthday celebration dinner at Salty's on Alki. Alki is the land where the Denny family landed when they first came from New York to begin the settlement of Seattle.

My secret project I couldn't show. 

Next blog with next days.