Monday, March 6, 2017

It is still so cold. Will spring come?

The weather calendar says spring is supposed to arrive in a few weeks, but it continues to be cold and we even keep getting snow and rain showers  i, for one, am getting really fed up. Bring on the sunshine......please. 

Things have been happening in the sewing room at Nana's.   I dont remember how I came to have these blocks, but I do like them all together. I am thinking no border, but I do have to figure out what to do for binding. What color?

I have spent several evenings making Shields for Days for Girls. 100 kits were sent recently to Africa. More required. 

Got some star blocks set and into rows. Now just to make a pleasant lap-size coverlet, I think. Some of theae stars are from Caroline, Dieuwke and Willemijn in. Block swap several years ago.  Ignore the messy sewing room. 

The big event was having a day, last Thursday, at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo. This an annual event which is huge and busy and such fun. In my head I could spent hundreds of dollars. In my head only. In reality I was most restrained and basically bought "tools". But there is everything you can imagine: yarn, fabric, notions, tools and machines. I bought my serger here several years ago as they tend to have better prices, if you are in the market.  It is the perfect outing for sewing/quilting friends and I got to spend a day with my friend Julia. So my purchases included air and water markers, a silver choco marker and mini clips.  I found a couple of sparkly iron-ons to decorate a couple of shirts (every girl needs some bling). A wool Christmas kit to make mini bags 

And then there were a couple of 'what the heck' purchases. I bought two dies for my Accu-quilt cutter. I am not really bragging but I got this from the Goodwill, so I cant really complain about the cost of the dies.  I got the three birds and bought thr Hunter Star. That has been on my list for a long time 

They do make life simple.  Time to get back to the sewing room and use some of these items. Find spring. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Some of Everything

February has been such a peculiar month, weather-wise. My poor camelia bush is most confused as it has several blooms.   Monday and Monday night brought (officially) 7.1 inches of snow. Lots of wind and rain since and by tomorrow they are predicting sunshine and temps in the 50's. 
Here is the poor bush

I have been a bit busy in my sewing room. Working on some Days for Girls shields - we always need lots of those. Two per kit are sent out. Recently more than 100 kits went to Africa.
So bright and colorful. 

It turned out that I got a refund of a bill I had paid. So I have been wanting for some time, a new ultra-small iron for my sewing room.  Bought it .  Very cute and works well. 
Managed to sandwich 5 more of the blocks for my Civil War quilt 

And i have almost finished a small wall hanging. 
You may have noticed that I am bad about not finishing one project before working on another. I suspect a psychologist would make something of that. Oh well. Variety and changing up keeps life pleasant. 

Finally, today I am being a "visiting" Nana with a friend's baby 
Keeping busy 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trying to do better

Not so long since my last post.  What has been happening at Nana's casa?

I have been able to spend quite a bit of time in the sewing room.  I decided to work on completing the reduced size Mystery Quilt from Bonnie Hunter from couple of years ago.  I do wonder if I have managed to rotate some of the blocks as it doesn't look quite like her reveal page, but this can easily become an extra-long twin.  I may consider side borders with very smqll ones across the top and bottom.  But that is good to get moving.  I'm considering what to do with the extra blocks I completed but didn't use.  Here's a thought:

In my neighborhood there is a group called "Buy Nothing".  This group posts items that they are willing to give away or wish to have or need to borrow.  Others answer these requests.  I have loaned some tools and am today giving away a bag of fabric strips - for making string blocks, for example, and a bag of 2.5 inch blocks.  I really have so very many.  Another thing this group does is has Round Robins in which a box/container is circulated in which people make donations and others take things.  Everyone is encouraged to only take a reasonable amount and to add some thing(s) that another might find good.  Each box is themed and I have signed up for the fabric and sewing notion round robin.  So (dramatic pause)...... I think I will add the completed blocks mentioned ablove and then someone can make something from those.  Good idea, huh?

Days for Girls continue to have sewing needs.  60 kits were shipped out last week.  I think they went to Jordan for delivery to Syria.  I know that more are needed for a shipment being prepared for Africa.  I have been sewing 'shields' [the piece that holds the sanitary pad].  This Saturday there will be a workshop at our church to offer folks the chance to help out - sewing skills or not.  If you are local and read this, get in touch and I will give you the address.

Still working on the Judie Rothermel quilt pattern - civil war style where each block is finished and then joined together into a quilt. Binding, binding, binding.  

I am very much looking forward to a trip to visit Emma Dere Veitch this spring.  I first met her in the Netherlands.  She and her family have now returned to living in France and Emma has begun offering quilting classes.  I'm sure there are also embroidery classes, as she is a fabulous embroiderer herself.  Friend Caroline will meet me there and we will have a girls sewing extravaganza, no doubt.  Much to anticipate.  OK - here are the photos

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Oh my word.......

My sweet friend Gretchen reminded me just a couple of days ago that I have been terribly remiss in blog writing.  In fact, Caroline and I have talked about this more than once, but I have been a very bad blogger.  So, with your forgiveness, let me try again.

Welcome 2017.  Such a busy time with lots going on.  Busier days - as many have said before,  How did I have time to work?  So much going on.

Here is some catching up and a peak into what's on the docket.

We fulfilled one item on the "wouldn't it be fun" list.  With a group of friends, we took a train to Leavenworth, WA, in the snow.  And, in fact, it snowed almost all of the week-end.  It was fun and beautiful and the tree lighting activities were so incredibly crowded.  Probably would skip that part another time.

The whole family was together to celebrate the Christmas holidays.  A great time for everyone.

 Even my son got into the spirit of the Family church service, with his sheep ears and a crown for my daughter-in-law.

Nana did some sewing of dolly clothes.  At least American Girl doll is a better size than the old Barbie's.

Since then I have been working on making squares of various "stars", to put together into a throw.
Working on a quilt for the RV group's auction this summer - can't show you that, but here is a bit of a preview.  I quite like it myself - so I'm not sure one can put a "reserve" on a donation.
and of course, work continues on Days for Girls kits.  We just recently sent 100 kits for Syrian women.  This is a marvelous organization, should you be looking for a new charity to support.  Your help would be great.  Happy January.  Let's hope that Nana can continue as she has begun.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Time at a snail's pace

When you are looking forward to something, time seems to move along like a glacier. Oh so slowly....  As most of you know our big bucket list trip is only a few days away and I am trying to keep myself busy. So last week I managed to make 20 quilt blocks for a lap quilt that I think I will take along, to work on. I started playing with some Christmas fabrics and have finished 8 pieces for that (to make 2 blocks). I have been digging through my chest of drawers to find all the newest underwear and nities that still look good, which scarf goes with which clothes. All the planning - which container for pills, passport, check!  I only have €40 so that will have to be enough until we get to the airport. Backpack? Shopping bag?  We always try to anticipate whatever might come along. How many pairs of pants and which shirts?  Jackets/coat - always a dilemma. 

So this afternoon I am babysitting a friend's foster child
Bottle done and now napping. Tomorrow is grandgirls day 
Off to kindergarten
Last one still at home.  She seems to be really enjoying the total attention.  

Wednesday is a meeting and a haircut and a pedicure.  A girl has to be all set.

And Thursday morning it is off to the airport. Three hours early for international flights. 

So it goes. Much excitement. 

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Summer is moving along

I haven't been at home a lot lately, so not so much sewing going on.  But a couple of things to show.

A friend recently retired and will be moving.  Her plan for now is to move into her new-to-her RV and live full time, traveling around.  So I, of course, started a quilt.  Still to add borders - one of the red and then I have made a piano key border.  Yes, it will be busy, but I hope she will like it.

Last night I got the blocks all sewn together.  Earlier I had also sewn these blocks together, into a ......... Table Runner.  Caro says that is all I make but that isn't true, quite.  If I just have a few blocks it is a good way to use them.

These are some fun African prints.  Now for a border.  Hmmmmm.

Recently a friend found me an Accuuilt. Go cutter, at the GoodWill.  Yeah for bargains, but it didn't come with any dies.  So this week-end I bought my first one - to make a 5" square.  So I will be off making lots of those and Bonnie Hunter Leaders and Enders with the left-overs.

My brother has moved.  He had a huge number of the family photos.  I was supposed to be getting copies, but he doesn't have space for them so now they are mine.  Kind of fun.  Guess who?

Bottom one is about 3 years old and the top about 5.  Some folks look really different as adults.  Some of us you can pick out with ease.

Happy Summer.  Enjoy!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

I am Proud of Me!

I started the year saying 2016 would be my year of completion.  With so many un-done projects that needed to be finished up, I really needed to "buckle down" and "git 'er done".  Well, I have been and still am working on lingering UFO's.

That has continued and I have a couple more to show you - as well as a couple of items that snuck into the line-up.  My sweet grandgirls needed the hem let down on these very cute summer dresses.  They wore them last summerin a wedding and Nana had to make them a lot shorter, but they still fit so just needed the hem adjusted.  

These now need a good pressing.  Funny story - a couple of weeks ago one of the girls asked me "What is an iron?".  Like many (most?) young women today, ironing is incredibly old-fashioned and not often done.  In fact, I'm not sure my son and family even own an iron.  Good thing that Nana does!

A sweet tablemat, ready for spring.  I do really like this ruler: It is called a Twister Pinwheel.  

Caro is sure that I am the Queen of Table Runners. I'mnot sure that is true, but I like making them and using them - a quick and easy way to try out a new pattern.  This one is for my friend Christian.  He has been so generous to share his dress shirts and this time, even 3 suits.  So I carefully dis-membered them and at last - a new Table Runner.  I hope he likes it.  I even used one of his shirts for the backing.

It really isn't pleated on the back (as this appears).

Last summer I bought a kit to make a very fun pillow.  Finally getting to it.

Our camper doesn't look like this one, but it will be fun to have on the sofa.

Today was my day to be the CTA Volunteer at a local quilt store - one of Caro's favorites.
So Here are a couple of views.

As you can see, it is a very large shop with the very nicest staff. And while this is all volunteer,they do give us a discount on purchases for the next couple of weeks.  So the "Oyster" white, that I needed did come home with me.  This is for my Blue and White quilt.
Just a perfect match.

As Garrison says, That's all the news from Lake Woebegone.  Have a great June.