Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I'm Late, I'm late

Sorry.  I do keep thinking about updating my blog but somehow life rushes past and I don't get down to it.  So here is a bit of a catch up of what's been happening.

Working on the quilt that our RV group will sell at their auction in May.  Michele made the side triangles.  I added two borders.  We each made the squares.  I've made the back, so quilting is next.

Working on a thank you gift for a lady in our RV group.  She doesn't read here, so I can show you.

Still working on pieces needed for the Bonnie Hunter Mystery.  I know it was several months ago, but it's my "in-between" sewing project.

A week ago we had a 2-year-old's birthday party.  You know how those go.  GREAT FUN!

Latest project - this is something of a "hurry up" project.  A dear friend was just diagnosed with a rare cancer, so a group of us wanted to do something for her.  This was partially complete.  I put it together and added some fabrics.  It has one more border (I don't know why my latest photos aren't showing up - but you get the general idea).  Tomorrow I will head out and get batting and we should be all set.  I also have backing.
Things are hopping here at Casa Nana.

Friday, March 6, 2015

The past week's activities

Well, there was the Grandma day.  Lil' had her first "big girl" haircut.

I finished the red and black and grey pineapple blocks from my lesson at Sew Expo.  I think it is fun and I will enjoy playing with some color combinations.

I put together some left over blocks (with just a bit of re-sewing) from friend Ronda.  I think it will work as a long tablerunner.  I have left-overs made into binding, as well.  A fun little project combining our efforts.

While so much of the country is suffering, we are thoroughly enjoying a very early spring.  Daffodils (narciss), hyacinth and soon tulips (tulpen). Oh it is grand!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Just a "quickie"

I am an RVing fool - there is are no two ways about it.  I just LOVE, love, love, love being able to spend time in the RV and it's almost here.  Yeah.  This wonderful winter/spring weather we are having (seemingly the only folks in the entire U.S.) has forced everything.  Spring blooms, grass, sunshine and of course, for me, time to start some plans to head out with Saskia.

Other than that, there are a few things going on around here.  I bit the bullet and bought the first season of Broadchurch.  Oh my, that is an intriguing TV program.  I'm really enjoying turning that on while I sit behind the sewing machine.  I have continued to make blocks for my Grand Illusion mystery project.  I suspect one day I will finish - gosh there are a lot of blocks required.  Bonnie Hunter is NO slacker.


Two classes, at the Sewing Expo.
Pineapple Block

and two-handed FairIsle knitting.  (I have tried this before, and still not good)  Keep on trying.

More photos to follow.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Looking like spring

Don't know if this will keep going, but it sure is lovely.  Cold nights but blue skies and sunshine during the daytime.  Great!

Saturday night was a new adventure.  As a Christmas gift from my son and daughter-in-law, last Saturday we went to a Symphony Bach and Wine Tasting event.  It was all orchestral pieces - an orchestra sized as it would have been during Bach's time.  When the entire orchestra was on stage, there were perhaps 40-45 musicians.  Really excellent and lots of fun.  New experiences.

This week I am getting ready for the Sewing and Stitchery Expo.  An annual event.  Very exciting if you have never been.  The advertising says that there are over 480 vendors at this event.  There are classes all day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Sunday is a shorter schedule.  It is quite amazing.  While I don't need any fabric, this is THE place to go to find the latest notion, tool and gadget.  On Wednesday, the day before opening, I will take two classes.  More details will follow, but they are a Marti Michell class on making a pineapple block and a class on two-handed fair isle knitting.    Then on Thursday and Friday mornings I will "work" at the Expo as a CTA volunteer.  We help in classes (ticket taking, seating, assisting the instructor, etc, etc)

these are some of the classes offered

Thursday morning I am working in Room G.  Don't these look like great classes to get to audit.  And then my friend Julie from Maine is coming to meet me for lunch.  Won't that be great!  Friday I am working on a rotation as a substitute.  I'll take photos and show you.  Great adventure.

Happy days to you.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Keepin' the ole Pfaff humming

Well, yes, I have spent some time in my little sewing room.  Rather busy, in fact.


A lovely new book and some fabrics squares.  Not sure what is happening with the fabric, but I did like it.

I have been busy (still) with Days for Girls,

Monday, February 16, 2015

Isn't this embarrassing. . . . .

Well, guess what, I am still alive and well.  And, in fact, have been busy, but haven't made time for this blog.  As Caro says, it is so much easier to facebook or other means of communicating with the world.  Alas.

So let's back up a bit,
I have sandwiched and backed 3 table runners - all given away.  I'm working on another table "topper" (about 36 inches square) just using up bits and pieces.  I have completed my 50 blocks, as has Michelle and we spent one day this week laying them out.  She is making the setting triangles and  when she's finished, I will work on 2 (or maybe 3) borders.

Here you can see green setting triangles.  In fact, we've chosen to use a dark brown.  The green and a blue will be used in the borders.

I'm working on completing the mystery blocks - a la Bonnie Hunter and her Grand Hotel color scheme.  (see previous blog)

On Friday I went to a marvelous workshop on making shields and liners for Days for Girls   (  It is such a wonderful cause to be supporting.  There were 19 of us sewing from 10-2 and we made a lot of headway.  Hopefully this will become a "full-fledged" charity with CTA.

Do go and read about this great organization and the work they are doing.  It feels good to be part of it.  So I have one more week to complete the kits I brought home (I hope) although next Friday is another community sewing day - this time making tote bags for foster kids.  Then the end of the month is Sewing Expo.  If you aren't familiar, that's another to check out.  Needless to say - there isn't time for too much sitting around here at Casa Nana. Life is good!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Perfect Days for a bit of this and a bit of that

Been working on several different projects and so enjoying myself.  Some might think I would get bored - but NO, so many things to "mess about" with.

I finished all the sashing for my Buggy Barn Quilt.  (sorry about the photo - don't know why it is blurry)
With all these different colors and patterns, I'm now stuck about what to do for a border.  HMMMM.

I'm working on a string pieced quilt top, with fellow RVing gal, Michele.  Tomorrow we will meet at the fabric store to think about sashing trianges and borders - as these blocks are set on point.

The club will have an auction on May and this will go on the block, for that.

Also been making more pieces for the latest Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.  She introduced each block, once a week.  Her suggestion was that we make at least a few for each step, so that we would have the idea.  And then go back and complete the requisite numbers of pieces.  So I'm in the "Go Back" place.
this is what it will look like when all assembled from the various pieces.

Been working on something I had seen online.  Kind of crazy but what the heck.  I have simply taken all sorts of orphan blocks and put them together.  It will be weird but why not?

Hope you're having fun, creative days - whatever you are up to.