Thursday, February 4, 2016

Simple? Not!

Oh those things that seem they should be so simple and quick can manage to take quite a bit of time.  Remember these two table rumnners?

So it should have been a very simple task, but somehow it took the entire morning and a bit more just to change thread color and set up for just a little very simple quilting on my home machine and then make binding for each of these, and sew it on.  Yikes.  Now just to find some decent television to sit in front of, to sew the binding down.

I have also been doing just bunches and bunches of serging of edges of pieces of flannel for Days for Girls - so I guess that should count, too.

Keepin' on!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Don't think I'm sleeping on the job

C O M P L E T I O N.   Such a word, but I am using it.  Finished my 25 patch blocks. I think they need sashing, so I have been "auditioning" some choices. See the red?  I think I am about settled on a fairly dark blue as something that will (hopefully) corral these colorful blocks.

I also managed to "sandwich" two table runners, ready for some sort of machine quilting. (No, Caro, they aren't worth hand quilting.)

So there you are. What is your word for 2016?

Sunday, January 24, 2016

What do you do?

I found myself with a large-ish pile of flannel strips. What to do?  My best plan was to cut some more
And start to make some 25 patch blocks. 
This is a rather mindless project but I do like the blocks.  Being flannel this thing may end up too heavy for more than a light backing. Another piece of flannel for the batting?  I an not sure but it is a fun evening's amusement. I will keep you posted. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Photo of W.I.P.

Trying to make the photo show that was making me so crazy the other evening, so will try again,

No so very important, but it is a work in progress - well on its way to completion - my word for 2016.
Just need to find a back.  The border - well that was just quite miserable and in fact, I can't even remember exactly where I got the pattern.  The strips finished at 1/2".  So go ahead and try it, maybe you can find a good way to do it.  Of course, it is all bias edges so very unstable, but anyway - almost done.

Making more baskets.  Onward into mid-January.

Friday, January 8, 2016

Welcome to 2016

I hope that everyone had as pleasant a Christmas as we did.  I was pretty organized with gifts and planning and mostly just let it happen.  We didn't get a tree up, but did have a Christmas Lamp.  Sorry I forgot to take a photo, but it is just one of our living room lamps but with the addition of an ornament I got during our annual Ornament Exchange - this year hosted by Brenda.  So we were festive indeed.

Christmas was mostly about the kids.  It was so very nice to have all 5 of the grandchildren together at my son's,

The 4 girls (15 years - 2 years)

The newest teen-ager

Once again we delighted in our New Year's Outing to Port Townsend.  Oh so cold, but the weather was simply glorious.

All the requisite food and games and puzzles and sewing - great fun!

And then today was the first CTA Field Trip of the year.  We visited the Bellevue Art Museum's "Counter-Couture"  Fashioning Identity in the American Counterculture.  It was primarily clothing and objects d'art from the 1960's-mid to late 1970's.  Oh my what a "blast from the past" for some of the items.  There were a few that we were not allowed to photograph but here is a sampling.

This was all done by hand as a young woman was 'enjoying' an Italian prison for trying to smuggle drugs

Jeans made into a skirt.  I think I had one of these.

Look closely - all crochet, part of a gender-bending exhibit

Wedding attire for members of the Love Family

Custom shoes, hand embroidered.

Really very fascinating to see.  We were told that the exhibit organizers "interviewed" more than 2000 items for this show.  

One of the very fun things that we did over New Year's week-end was to choose a word for 2016.  Each of us was to select a word that described what we envision for ourselves for this coming year - not really a New Year's resolution but something that describes our attention for the year.  Think about it - what would you choose?

My word was "Completion" as I would really feel happy with myself if I can complete a few more of my unfinished projects.  Thus far none is totally done, but I have made progress on a couple of things:
"Lucy's Baskets" from Bonnie Hunter, in progress

I have also made great strides on two other projects (and the computer isn't cooperating with photos tonight) - one is a baby quilt with a unique border and I have finished 20-10" string pieced blocks and am well on my way to completing the piano key border.  But photos will have to wait, I guess.  So, I am "Completing".  What are you up to in 2016?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

She DID fall off the turnip truck

I love that expression and yes, I appear to have fallen off.  My biggest hold-up is the inability to get my photo program to work properly.  Blogs without any photos are soooooo boring.

So let's do a bit of catching up.  Thanksgiving was fun and busy with 9 of us enjoying turkey and all the requisite trimmings.  E's brother Henry came from Michigan and cousins from Everett came as well.  Fun, tasty and a grand afternoon and evening.

So the big run-up to Christmas begins (actually, it is well on its way).  Nana has had several items to get completed:

We also got a new tree planted in the front grass strip.

Several concerts and a couple of plays.  Shopping and wrapping for our adopted Christmas family.  I had a very fun day beginning the "catch up" with friend Julia.  She had moved away almost 20 years ago, but has now moved back into the area.  She took me to a marvelous new place:  The Chalet in the Woods.   Oh such fun!

A charming locale for all variety of Scandinavian items.  We were greeted at the door with a cup of coffee and a cookie and invited inside to wander to our heart's content.  What a treat.  Limited hours, but if you are interested I can tell you how to find it in Gig Harbor.  And yes, Nana did manage to find a couple of Christmas gifts there.
The sweet little girls are getting very excited for Santa Claus to come and visit their house.  Some sleep sacks and baby quilts for CTA - and I have been keeping busy, all in all.  

Hoping that your holidays are blessed.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The leaves are changing color all over the place

I have been having lots of challenges with my photos - so we shall see what I can transfer here  It is frustrating that I cannot show you what's going on (in pictures).  So - lots of time with the grandchildren, such fun.

A couple of weeks ago we had a great trip to the local aquarium.  We all had a great day.
They are such a great bunch of kids.  They are a pleasure to have around.

CTA had a sewing day when we made baby quilts for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). 

We also made sleep sacks for the babies in the same hospital, but once again, my photos won't transfer over.  I am sorry.  It is so frustrating.

Here's one of the younger grands - just prior to Halloween.  You may notice the fake braid and the blue gloves - all part of the Elsa costume.  The same as half of the 4 year olds around the world, who think this is just the perfect outfit.  Isn't Disney successful!

Life is good and busy and perhaps I can get this photo issue resolved.

We got a tree from the city - a long and convoluted process - and finally got that planted.  We did discover what a dreadful layer of clay we have about 10 inches below the surface.  But with a pick managed to break it up.  Hope we were able to loosen the soil enough that our little Elm tree can grow.  [Who knows where the pictures went.]

Split 9 patch table runner (before binding)
Too frustrating.  Happy fall, everyone.