Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

This has been a lovely holiday.  We have had lots of rain, but also a few peeks of sunshine.  We did the traditional: everyone comes to the Grandma's.  We made the turkey, stuffing, cranberry and mashed potatoes.  Others. brought green bean casserole, rolls,squash, assorted beverages and four (!) kinds of pie: lemon, pear, boysenberry and pumpkin.  Oh my!  A marvelous feast and really very good company.  The big cousins were wonderful playmates. for the little girls.  Everyone had a good time.

I have had a couple of fun sessions working in the sewing room.  One Of my catch-up projects, putting sashing between crazy flower squares - made in a Buggy Barn class.  And then I had a bit of a wild hair to make a 1600 quilt, using the lots and lots of Christmas fabrics left-overs.  Enjoying myself.  Here are a few snaps of all of this.  Included are a lovely flower arrangement that,oldest granddaughter made for us.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Block Quilters Quilt Show

Such a fun day on Saturday.  Quilt friend Ronda and I headed east of Seattle to the Quilt Show put on by the other big Quilt Group in the area - Block Quilters.  I haven't been to this show for several years, when Ronda and I went with Caro (Caroline Dijkerman).  Caro was busy at home so we had to go without her.  It is a very nice show in a comfortable locale.

There were 8 or 10 vendors, as well as a members' extras for sale.  Ronda found some fabric, I found a pair of knitting needles.  So here are a few of ones that I thought were very good.

The quilts are much better than my photography skills.  Some interesting details included a 1/4" border
Another quilt had 7 (!) borders
Some really lovely work

Now I guess I better get busy.  Happy quilting.