Monday, September 19, 2016

Time at a snail's pace

When you are looking forward to something, time seems to move along like a glacier. Oh so slowly....  As most of you know our big bucket list trip is only a few days away and I am trying to keep myself busy. So last week I managed to make 20 quilt blocks for a lap quilt that I think I will take along, to work on. I started playing with some Christmas fabrics and have finished 8 pieces for that (to make 2 blocks). I have been digging through my chest of drawers to find all the newest underwear and nities that still look good, which scarf goes with which clothes. All the planning - which container for pills, passport, check!  I only have €40 so that will have to be enough until we get to the airport. Backpack? Shopping bag?  We always try to anticipate whatever might come along. How many pairs of pants and which shirts?  Jackets/coat - always a dilemma. 

So this afternoon I am babysitting a friend's foster child
Bottle done and now napping. Tomorrow is grandgirls day 
Off to kindergarten
Last one still at home.  She seems to be really enjoying the total attention.  

Wednesday is a meeting and a haircut and a pedicure.  A girl has to be all set.

And Thursday morning it is off to the airport. Three hours early for international flights. 

So it goes. Much excitement. 


  1. O my....all the excitement before a trip! Such cute pictures of the girls! I am sure you are going to miss as they are going to miss you too!
    Have a safe and pleasant journey!

  2. You already are on your way? Have a nice and safe trip and enjoy!!