Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Oh my word.......

My sweet friend Gretchen reminded me just a couple of days ago that I have been terribly remiss in blog writing.  In fact, Caroline and I have talked about this more than once, but I have been a very bad blogger.  So, with your forgiveness, let me try again.

Welcome 2017.  Such a busy time with lots going on.  Busier days - as many have said before,  How did I have time to work?  So much going on.

Here is some catching up and a peak into what's on the docket.

We fulfilled one item on the "wouldn't it be fun" list.  With a group of friends, we took a train to Leavenworth, WA, in the snow.  And, in fact, it snowed almost all of the week-end.  It was fun and beautiful and the tree lighting activities were so incredibly crowded.  Probably would skip that part another time.

The whole family was together to celebrate the Christmas holidays.  A great time for everyone.

 Even my son got into the spirit of the Family church service, with his sheep ears and a crown for my daughter-in-law.

Nana did some sewing of dolly clothes.  At least American Girl doll is a better size than the old Barbie's.

Since then I have been working on making squares of various "stars", to put together into a throw.
Working on a quilt for the RV group's auction this summer - can't show you that, but here is a bit of a preview.  I quite like it myself - so I'm not sure one can put a "reserve" on a donation.
and of course, work continues on Days for Girls kits.  We just recently sent 100 kits for Syrian women.  This is a marvelous organization, should you be looking for a new charity to support.  Your help would be great.  Happy January.  Let's hope that Nana can continue as she has begun.

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  1. Glad you have picked up blogging again! Great picture of the both of you in the snow! Your blocks are very pretty as well as the doll clothes. Great outfit! I am sure you made the girls happy with it! Your charity project sounds great! I hope you will find a few more helpers to assist!