Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trying to do better

Not so long since my last post.  What has been happening at Nana's casa?

I have been able to spend quite a bit of time in the sewing room.  I decided to work on completing the reduced size Mystery Quilt from Bonnie Hunter from couple of years ago.  I do wonder if I have managed to rotate some of the blocks as it doesn't look quite like her reveal page, but this can easily become an extra-long twin.  I may consider side borders with very smqll ones across the top and bottom.  But that is good to get moving.  I'm considering what to do with the extra blocks I completed but didn't use.  Here's a thought:

In my neighborhood there is a group called "Buy Nothing".  This group posts items that they are willing to give away or wish to have or need to borrow.  Others answer these requests.  I have loaned some tools and am today giving away a bag of fabric strips - for making string blocks, for example, and a bag of 2.5 inch blocks.  I really have so very many.  Another thing this group does is has Round Robins in which a box/container is circulated in which people make donations and others take things.  Everyone is encouraged to only take a reasonable amount and to add some thing(s) that another might find good.  Each box is themed and I have signed up for the fabric and sewing notion round robin.  So (dramatic pause)...... I think I will add the completed blocks mentioned ablove and then someone can make something from those.  Good idea, huh?

Days for Girls continue to have sewing needs.  60 kits were shipped out last week.  I think they went to Jordan for delivery to Syria.  I know that more are needed for a shipment being prepared for Africa.  I have been sewing 'shields' [the piece that holds the sanitary pad].  This Saturday there will be a workshop at our church to offer folks the chance to help out - sewing skills or not.  If you are local and read this, get in touch and I will give you the address.

Still working on the Judie Rothermel quilt pattern - civil war style where each block is finished and then joined together into a quilt. Binding, binding, binding.  

I am very much looking forward to a trip to visit Emma Dere Veitch this spring.  I first met her in the Netherlands.  She and her family have now returned to living in France and Emma has begun offering quilting classes.  I'm sure there are also embroidery classes, as she is a fabulous embroiderer herself.  Friend Caroline will meet me there and we will have a girls sewing extravaganza, no doubt.  Much to anticipate.  OK - here are the photos

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  1. Great idea to donate the blocks!
    Wow you are getting ready for another European trip! Sounds like fun! I am sure you and Caroline will have a great time! Glad you found time lately to spend quilting! So good for the mind and soul!