Saturday, February 11, 2017

Some of Everything

February has been such a peculiar month, weather-wise. My poor camelia bush is most confused as it has several blooms.   Monday and Monday night brought (officially) 7.1 inches of snow. Lots of wind and rain since and by tomorrow they are predicting sunshine and temps in the 50's. 
Here is the poor bush

I have been a bit busy in my sewing room. Working on some Days for Girls shields - we always need lots of those. Two per kit are sent out. Recently more than 100 kits went to Africa.
So bright and colorful. 

It turned out that I got a refund of a bill I had paid. So I have been wanting for some time, a new ultra-small iron for my sewing room.  Bought it .  Very cute and works well. 
Managed to sandwich 5 more of the blocks for my Civil War quilt 

And i have almost finished a small wall hanging. 
You may have noticed that I am bad about not finishing one project before working on another. I suspect a psychologist would make something of that. Oh well. Variety and changing up keeps life pleasant. 

Finally, today I am being a "visiting" Nana with a friend's baby 
Keeping busy 


  1. Haha I need some help too. Im also very bad at finishing projects��. But you know what .... I just love it. X

  2. Well at least you can alway say you are busy finishing something! So many fun projects to work on! It must be fun sitting a little girl again.
    The snow looks pretty! We had some more last night!