Friday, October 31, 2014

Just like Caro says

It is easy to facebook and not to blog - sadly this just takes longer.  But to catch you up:  We have been having much fun with our friends who moved to Colorado.  The four of us met up in Reno and headed over to Lake Tahoe.  We have had adventures everyday, lots of yummy meals and even had a small Birthday party for Nancy after dinner tonight.  We have done some exploring of the area and everyone's interests have been catered to ( sort of).  Quilt Tahoe is a very charming small store bt unfortunately I didnt think to take any photos.  I did find a couple of patterns and a small piece of fabric (for something - I dont know quite what).  A bit of retail therapy (buying) and lots of looking.  This is a really big ski town and this is just between seasons and activities so the shops are changing their merchandise.  Sadly the gondola was closed for maintenance.  Lots of great campgrounds during the season.  Tomorrow we fly home.  I am excited to get behind my sewing machine for a while.  Enjoy some of what we have seen.

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  1. O so beautiful there at Lake Tahoe, we took a boat trip at the Lake once and Loved the scenery! Looks like you had lot's of fun!