Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Now it really is autumn

October 1st.  You can see it and almost smell it in the air.  Fall is coming, quickly.  I did a quick walk around the neighborhood earlier in the week - and although sunny there was some crispness in the air.

The Clothing and Textile Advisors of Washington used to be part of the Extension Service.  Then due to funding cuts, we were set loose and formed our own state organization.  Our name might better be Master Sewist - as opposed to Sew-er which becomes sewer and you know how that goes.  But like the Master Gardener Program, we are the clothing and textile end of that, including the sewing of clothes, quilts, knitting, needlework - just about anything you can think of in the "needle arts" field.  At least that is what it is called at the state Fair.  

So with that long introduction, today was our annual statewide meeting of CTAW.  What a delightful day - we began with coffee and lots and lots of homemade treats,

We had the requisite business meeting, then our  speaker was the very interesting Jason Yenter.  He is  the President and one of the designers for In The Beginning fabrics.  He told us how designs are created or found and then the fascinating process of bringing that art to life on fabric.  Those of us in Seattle have been saddened with the closure of their quilt store, started by Jason's mother, Sharon, but their fabrics continue to be available.
Luckily, Jason brought some antique quilts from his and his mother's collection,

And then he brought quilts made with more contemporary fabrics,

We then had a delicious lunch, a "show and share" of things made by CTA members, and then a fun time of demonstrations of easy skills.  What a great day!  You ought to come and join us!

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  1. What a joyful day surrounded with beautiful quilts!