Saturday, October 11, 2014


It really is fun to volunteer at the fabric store, Pacific Fabrics - although because you have on a nametag everyone who asks is SURE you know everything about the store - but we were sufficiently busy that I forgot to take photos.   Lots of Halloween costumes in the works, with, obviously, varying levels of skills of the maker.  But we found buttons, interfacing, patterns of all sorts, not to mention "how much should I buy?"  Always a tricky question without a pattern.

However, Nana had some fun without a pattern.  One of my favorites, Bonnie Hunter, has just released the fabric recommendations for her next Mystery Quilt, which will be released starting the end of November.  She was very clever and found Valspar paint color cards so that we could each check out what colors Bonnie was using - obviously we can choose to go any direction we want. On my first Mystery from Bonnie I chose a green that was entirely too anemic and I have always been sorry about that.  So this time I could see the color and intensity of the colors and make my decisions.  Woo Hoo.

So I found the yellow she recommended,
It's the bottom, lightest yellow to be used throughout the mystery.

I also found two different greens (I will need 1.5 yards)
The block on the right is the one I'm aiming for

If I'm following Bonnie's ideas, then I need to find some of each of these,
These are colors she was inspired by this past summer at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan.  It was great fun to go hunting for these colors.

Another little keep busy between customers activity was making these little pieces.  Rather like yo-yo's but made entirely by folding circles of fabric.  I think I will put buttons in the center and then????  I'm not sure, but imagine making more and then using them like hexagons in Grandmother's Flower Garden.  Fun, huh?

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