Friday, October 10, 2014

Autumn days

This has been a busy week, but really a very nice one.  Two days this week I was Nana with my little-est girls.  Such fun.  They love to read, which is wonderful - both for learning and it is so easy to entertain them.
[But boy does it take it out of you, sometimes.]

I have had a couple of evenings to sit behind my sewing machine and work on finishing up one (among the many) UFO's.  Hurrah.  I know that some people have a checklist on the side and mark things off when they are finished.  Sadly I would have more items and crossing off wouldn't happen quickly enough.  But, at any rate, as I'm sure she doesn't read here I can tell you that friend Fran, from my RV group will get this next week.

At first I wasn't sure about the red binding, but in the end I really liked it AND it was perfect with the back.  (just take my word for it, no photo)

I found this cute coffee mug pattern and decided that it would make a fun Mug Rug, so that was a very easy and quick finish.
I followed an idea from Bonnie Hunter and today was a field trip to Ikea.  I didn't buy much but did get a clip-on high intensity lamp.  Perfect so I can do "hand work" while watching TV - the lighting in the living room just isn't good enough for these old(er) eyes.

Tomorrow is an extra CTA volunteer day at Pacific Fabrics.  They specifically asked if we could staff our little table for extra help and questions each week-end leading up to Halloween.  So I have a couple of little hand projects to take along should no one come along needing our help.

Oh yes, and my other shopping loot was a milk froth-er (foamer).  We had so many cappuccino's while we were in Holland and they were so fabulous, that I really "needed" this.  Just a (another) small appliance for the kitchen.  :-)
That's it behind the cup.  And it requires skim milk, for the best frothing, which is quite guilt free.  Life is pretty swell!


  1. Your machine makes great foam! Love how your quilt turned out! Great you got it finished in between your busy babysitting days wich is fun too of course. It was Bep at the picture in her booth.

  2. Your friend Fran is a lucky girl. First for having you as her friend and second because she gets such a lovely quilt!