Monday, February 16, 2015

Isn't this embarrassing. . . . .

Well, guess what, I am still alive and well.  And, in fact, have been busy, but haven't made time for this blog.  As Caro says, it is so much easier to facebook or other means of communicating with the world.  Alas.

So let's back up a bit,
I have sandwiched and backed 3 table runners - all given away.  I'm working on another table "topper" (about 36 inches square) just using up bits and pieces.  I have completed my 50 blocks, as has Michelle and we spent one day this week laying them out.  She is making the setting triangles and  when she's finished, I will work on 2 (or maybe 3) borders.

Here you can see green setting triangles.  In fact, we've chosen to use a dark brown.  The green and a blue will be used in the borders.

I'm working on completing the mystery blocks - a la Bonnie Hunter and her Grand Hotel color scheme.  (see previous blog)

On Friday I went to a marvelous workshop on making shields and liners for Days for Girls   (  It is such a wonderful cause to be supporting.  There were 19 of us sewing from 10-2 and we made a lot of headway.  Hopefully this will become a "full-fledged" charity with CTA.

Do go and read about this great organization and the work they are doing.  It feels good to be part of it.  So I have one more week to complete the kits I brought home (I hope) although next Friday is another community sewing day - this time making tote bags for foster kids.  Then the end of the month is Sewing Expo.  If you aren't familiar, that's another to check out.  Needless to say - there isn't time for too much sitting around here at Casa Nana. Life is good!

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  1. What a great organisations. I love those kids, they will be very much appreciated I am sure! Love how your quilts is turning out, beautiful colors!