Friday, March 6, 2015

The past week's activities

Well, there was the Grandma day.  Lil' had her first "big girl" haircut.

I finished the red and black and grey pineapple blocks from my lesson at Sew Expo.  I think it is fun and I will enjoy playing with some color combinations.

I put together some left over blocks (with just a bit of re-sewing) from friend Ronda.  I think it will work as a long tablerunner.  I have left-overs made into binding, as well.  A fun little project combining our efforts.

While so much of the country is suffering, we are thoroughly enjoying a very early spring.  Daffodils (narciss), hyacinth and soon tulips (tulpen). Oh it is grand!

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  1. How sweet your 'big' granddaughter like a little lady at her iPad. Your blocks are beautiful, love the dots. Crocussen and narcissen are blooming here too!