Thursday, May 28, 2015

A couple a things

Really am enjoying some spectacularly lovely weather these past 3 days - despite the grey and clouds throughout the Memorial Day week-end.  At least it didn't rain (much) and the usual festivities reigned.  I am pleased to report that the quilt that Michele and I made raised $225.  I was feeling satisfied with that.  Overall the auction raised $3300 - good huh?

I did, unfortunately, find a really miserable cold while away, so have been blowing and coughing A LOT!  Been working on a couple of projects to show you,

Each month the little house changes with the seasons.  Very cute and when all 12 are done, it will be very cute.  I do love the Vliesofix (sp?) as the backing.  Thanks Caro.

Also been trying out a pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  Like it!  And Caro like many good American patterns it is: sew, cut, sew again, cut again and sew again.

Using some nice dark blue fabrics from Agnes, in the Netherlands.  It makes me happy.  Soon it will be summer.


  1. Such a sweet little house you stitches! Love the blue too, still on my list to make a blue and White quilt someday. Glad you got a good amount of money for your quilt!

  2. What a lovely colours, your blue and white star quilt. I like this pattern very much.
    I am curious how it will look when you are finished.