Saturday, August 29, 2015


Quilt borders can sometimes cause us challenges. Especially if I dont have enough fabric to make the border that the pattern "suggests". And so one tries to come up with something that 1) works, 2) uses the fabric we have and 3) looks like it belongs.  Realizing that I only had bits and scraps of fabric used in the body of the quilt (realize I did start this 2+ years ago) I got a border put together, attached and Im feeling satisfied. I probably will have to buy a back.
Ah that all of life's decisions were solved this easily.

It was a real treat to awaken to the sound of rain. For a place so accustomed to lots of precipitation, our overly long dry spell has been strange and sadly we are definitely paying the price with so many ENORMOUS wildfires. So many with homes and property threatened, fire fighters killed trying to help, oh it makes me sad.

"My" little girls joined us for a quick outdoor dinner last week
School is starting soon, so Nana will begin her duties. I love it. 

After 18 years in this house, it really was time to update the floor covering.  Lots of discussion and finding samples and decided to get a "berber" type of carpet. Our big surprise was finding the newspaper from 1991 when the previous carpet was laid and the sign indicating that the carpet pad had been installed in 1974 - supposedly with a 50 year guarantee!  NOT!  Of course we left a newspaper for the next homeowners to find!

Enjoy the transitions into autumn.


  1. What a job to get that old carpet out! Love the wooden floor beneath! Your border looks like it belongs there. The girls are so cute!

  2. Marne - too often I rob fabric from one project to use in another and then realize (too late) that I really did need it. But then, we do have to support our local quilt shops! Cathy