Saturday, May 7, 2016

Adventures Abound

We live in a pretty spectacular world, with sights and scenes that cause you to say "WOW". Let me share some of that with you.

The American National Park system is an amazing treasure.  We have seen Rocky Mountain National Park - I should say we have seen a tiny, tiny piece of RMNP 

Bear Lake (at 10,000 ft) is still frozen over. 

Nearby, in Golden, Colorado, is a charming small museum, The Rocky Mountain Quilt Musuem. They are currently having an exhibit of Australian Quilts in cooperation with Quiltmania magazine. I was astonished with the workmanship - In particular, the tiny quilting done, some even on a home machine.  The exhibit guide and I felt sure that silk thread must have been used as some of the stitching was miniscule.

Done on a home machine approx queen size.
Each dot individually quilted around. 

Sometimes it is difficult to know whether to be overwhelmed or inspired, but it was great. 


  1. Such pretty pictures of beautiful Colorado! I love Golden. We have stayed there twice and the museum and quilt shop are a 'must see' of course! So fun to see you are having a good time! Can't wait to read about the next adventures!

  2. Thanks for letting us enjoy your world! Big hugs.

  3. Thanks for sharing that beauty! Love the snowy mountains in May.

  4. This is on my wishlist. Love your pictures.