Friday, December 7, 2012

No - I have NOT expired

Things at Casa Nana seem to have been QUITE busy.  So this may be a bit disjointed, but here to catch you up:

We finished up the work at the Boat House and the new tenants took possession the first of December.  They were overjoyed (and frankly, so were we) - it looked so good.  Clean and bright and cheery.  Makes you feel good to be part of a project like this one.

Meanwhile, I shipped off my next group of blocks for the Storm Sandy Quilts, not to mention to Christmas parcels needing to get in the mail.  Bonnie Hunter clues were provided and flying geese by the jillion were made.
A new clue came out this morning and I have to start on that this week-end.  On Tuesday we went and saw Zoo Lights at the local zoo.  It is definitely much smaller than the event at the Defiance Park Zoo (or perhaps in Bellevue as well) but we had a fun time even in the pouring rain.

We followed our adventures with a very tasty burger and some folks even had a milkshake.

Thursday evening was the 3rd and 4th grade musical extravaganza.  Our favorite 4th grader was part of the recorder orchestra, who were followed by the 3rd grade singers.  A fun 45 minute event.
[and oh so reminiscent of similar adventures when my kids were small!]

[He's on his knees - he's not that small]

Lastly,  Casa Nana got some new blinds.  The drapes were original to our purchase 15+ years ago and they were getting pretty "tired".  So a new look,

And there you about have it.  See, I told you we've been busy.  Throw in a couple of U.W. Volleyball games and there you have life lately.  Been working on getting ready for the holidays, as well as our Adopt-a-Family adventure, coming up next week.  Ornament Exchange and Brunch this week-end, CTA Christmas lunch next week, and a tea date with my daughter after her finals this quarter.  Keeping up with the calendar is quite a challenge some days.

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