Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Two weeks to go

Well, yes the big day is coming - oh so quickly.  I have been working to be sure that I have finished everything.  Well - everything isn't done, but I know what's still out there waiting for attention.  These are finished:

These are for folks in our group that adopt a family for Christmas.  Yesterday at CTA we made paper origami:
Janet (the gal who taught us) also provided us with some heavily stiffened fabric, so we can give this a try with fabric.  Of course, we had our usual cookie exchange - YUMMY

(well, yes, a few vegetables, too, so we can't say we didn't have anything healthy).  I have also been working on the latest Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt - check it out.  Thus far, 3 clues,

Won't this be fun?


  1. Your X-mas parcel is finally on it's way to Seattle. With some luck it will be just arrving before X-mas they told us at the postoffice. So keep your fingers crossed.
    bye bye Caro

  2. One more night sleeping, before we can open our X-mas presents. Rob, Caroline and Mies