Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Almost a month has passed

Wow!  Almost an entire month without blogging.  It seems strange.  Life has been "crazy busy" and have hardly had time to move from one thing to the next.  So some major catching up is required.

We began July with our annual camping trip into the Wenatchee National Forest.  One of the best parts of this trip is the drive there.  This is such a lovely part of the world and when the weather cooperates, some spectacular views.  There was even some snow left.

It's a lovely, quiet campground.  One of the few reservable spots in the national forest.  We then drove east past Yakima and south toward the Columbia River and Oregon border. Here's  Mt. St. Helen's from the eastern side,

to a really lovely campground, Maryhill State Park, right on the Washington banks of the Columbia river.  Peaceful and thanks to irrigation, very green.

An early "developer" Sam Hill loved this part of Washington and invested heavily in some development - well worth seeing if you have never done so.  A replica of Stonehenge,
an eclectic but excellent museum, The Maryhill Museum,
multiple wineries, including this one with a fabulous amphitheater.  [Wouldn't this be lovely to sit outside, sipping a beverage and enjoying a concert?]

After a couple of nights, we continued south to Sisters, Oregon, our intended destination.  The triangle of cities formed by Redmond, Sisters and Bend are beautifully located on the eastern side of the spine of the Cascade Mountain range.  From Mt. Hood south there is peak after peak to be seen.  An excellent RV Park, located just 3 miles from Sisters.

One full day we spent at the High Desert Museum, outside of Bend.  Well worth a trip

Another full day was spent at the Lava Fields, including a drive up the lava cone.
and a hike and picnic along the Deschutes River

Another "must see".

The famous Sister's Quilt Show is in the next blog update.


  1. Wow Marne what a wonderful trip you have made! Thanks for showing all the beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh Marne, a whole month no blogging. That means windmills, wooden shoes and cheese in your next post. See you in two weeks. Caro