Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sisters' Quilt Show

The Sisters' Quilt Show is rather well known in the U.S. - especially because it is held outdoors as well as indoors.  They say it is the largest in the world.  We had hoped to meet some folks from Louisiana this year, but it turned out they could not come west.  So we ventured on - even Elaine who wasn't sure she wanted to visit a quilt show.

It was crowded and hot, but something to see.  And considering that there is a fairly major highway running right down the middle of town, it requires a lot of effort to close roads, re-route traffic and deal with the thousands of visitors that arrive for that one day.  I didn't buy any quilts!

Almost all the businesses in town also had quilts hung inside their offices/shops.  The sheer logistics of organizing and hanging [and then taking down] all these quilts is just astonishing.  All in ONE day.  I did wonder if all that sunshine caused some fading.  Virtually every quilt was for sale.

We stayed in a lovely RV park, 3 1/2 miles away.  And on the Friday night, they even had a pig roast dinner with entertainment.  A fun birthday celebration for Elaine,

Next Blog - along the Columbia River, on the Washington-Oregon border.

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