Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's the Little Things

Well, unfortunately our sunshine has gone away.  Probably not for good, but the TV weather man it will be several days of gray and cloudy, at least.

But small things do make me happy (some days) and today it was new bowls.  I have wanted a set of these for some time.  A few months ago they had them at our local warehouse store and then before we got back to buy them, they were sold out.  At last, today, we found some more-

They have rubber on the bottom, so they don't slip.  And each one has a plastic lid.  The red one is actually too big to fit in the cupboard above the stove, where bowls are kept, but the other three will fit and the red one will have to go elsewhere.  Happy kitchen girl!


  1. Cute bowls! A girl can never have enough! (although my husband don't agree with that)

  2. I love those happy colours.!! Caro

  3. I think those colors could inspire your next quilt.