Saturday, March 9, 2013

Saturday in the sunshine

Oh heaven - blue skies and even a teensy bit warm - it is about 55`.  (yes, Laura, I know, but this is the Pacific Northwest in March)

It won't last, but for today - fabulous.  Shining on the dining room table:
One little project completed: some new placemats for our friends' new motorhome.  A girl must have placemats that go with her new dishes, doesn't she?

A really pretty easy project:  stack 'em up, cut 'em, shuffle the order and you're off.  Pleasant day to one and all!


  1. It really does look like Spring has arrived! We thought so too at the beginning of this week but now the snow is back.....well it has to come some day! Enjoy the sun!
    Those placemats are really nice looking

  2. The placemats look very pretty. Maybe we can make some here ; ). Caro