Friday, October 11, 2013

What's up this week?

Not a whole lot that is new - lots of "same old, same old", but that isn't to complain.  Now if you were talking about our Congress, that deserves LOTS of complaints, but in my little world things are doing just fine.

Here's another photo from our dinner last week-end - doesn't it just make you laugh?

Most of the usual this week with visits to the gym, walking, grocery shopping; I spent some time online needing some new inspiration for cooking.  Learning more about using quinoa - tasty if you haven't tried it.

Finished my CTA projects,

These will be "turned in" along with a few items to include in the stocking.  Finished the top of a table runner,
now to find something Asian for the back.

Starting a couple of years ago, two other RVing friends and I started a block exchange.  Each month we chose a color and made blocks for ourselves and each other.  So I have finally added a few to the collection and put them all together.

What do you think - should I try to figure out a border?  Do I hunt for something rainbow or ????  What is your opinion?  It's a pretty good lap size - especially with a border, but it would work without one, too.  I do love to sew tops and am really not very proficient at finishing them.  Such a quandry.  I probably have 8 or 9 tops to be finished.  Hmmmmm.

Tomorrow is another gym morning.  We are thinking that we will go to the University Women's Volleyball match tomorrow evening.  Sounds fun, huh?  Good Friday!


  1. Have fun at the game tonight. Glad that isn't shut down too! You ar wording on so much projects, Impressive! Love the Rainbow quilt. I think it doesn't need a border.

  2. That quilt is lovely! I'd put a dark border on it - maybe black. It would make the colors really pop.