Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Almost summer

We continued with a bit more strawberry jam [previous blog] - so that I have enough to give some away.  Always fun.

Di and Maggs arrived on the Victoria Clipper on Saturday.  Delightful time visiting and catching up on the past couple of years,
On Sunday, we met up with Alex and Yvonne,
They are from Katwijk, Netherlands.  I got to meet Yvonne last year when Caro and I went to her quilt bee gathering.  We couldn't schedule a quilt gathering at this end, but I will get to visit her bee again this summer.

All six of us got to dine together on Sunday.  Sadly our brilliant plans for BBQ'd salmon were a bit put off with the rain, but we did still get the BBQ working.  Just needed a jacket to turn the fish.  There is a reason that they promote Copper River salmon.  Delish!  And just in Caro's honor, we had to have strawberry shortcake for dessert,

On Monday Yvonne and Alex and I headed east to Snoqualmie Falls.  It was awfully "misty-moisty" but still a thrill to hear the roar of water of the Snoqualmie River.
We did some shopping afterwards and then found a lunch place in Issaquah.  As we were leaving lunch, headed to the car, we noted a quilt store new to me.
Next visit I will have to ask about the name.  How to pronounce it as well as it's genesis. This is a very nice store with lots of bolts.  After another quick stop and dropping Alex back at their RV, Yvonne and I visited another lovely quilt store very close to the RV park, Keepsake Cottage.  [Caro, it is still as wonderful as when we visited last year]
Heading out with the RV this week-end.  


  1. We had a great time thanks to you as our great tour guide! It was fun meeting up with you and meeting your friends from England. Looking forward to see you again in August!

  2. Hi Marne,
    lovely to see all those places and the pictures, they are so familiar. Count me in for springtime next year ; ).