Saturday, June 28, 2014

Lovely Pacific Northwest

Thursday's weather seemed like it might be alright, so we headed out for our next adventures.  Our Michigan visitors thought a trip to Port Townsend sounded fun.  We started with a ferry trip from Edmonds, a short drive to Port Gamble - such a very sweet little burg.  Of course, the General Store did call our names for coffee and cinnamon rolls - it was, after all, about 11am.

We drove on to P.T. and had a very nice day.  Just walking along, looking in the shops - we found lots of things that looked good, but only bought at the vinegar and oil shop.  Then headed over to Doc's at the Marina.  Our visitors enjoyed some very tasty clam chowder and we shared a crab and artichoke sandwich.  Oh delish!

We then caught the ferry to Whidbey Island,
[looking back at "our" campground - where we always stay].  On the island we drove into Coupeville.  A very sweet little town,

J and A found an old building, that used to be the Meat Market.
That had belonged to a distant relative - so it was fun to find it.  

 We then found Sunnyside Cemetery, where some of this same family are buried.  Isn't it lovely countryside?

And look what I found,
They did have a couple of taste treats that we just "needed".  

 Is this the real me?

 We returned to Seattle via the Mukilteo ferry - don't you just love all these fun Indian names?

Friday morning we headed to the University of Washington, to visit the Conibear Rowing Building.  Located in the dining room is the boat talked about in the recent book, "The Boys in the Boat" (2013) by Daniel James Brown.  It is the story of the University of Washington men's rowing team who won at the Olympics in 1936 [to Mr. Hitler's displeasure].  Fascinating!

We also did a drive-by of the "ducks".  I've shown you them before.  This neighbor last featured graduation, but we have now moved to the World Cup -

It is a little difficult to see but it spells R I O, in the tree.   Oh so clever!

Having fun!

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  1. Another fun trip! Your figure is still perfect! (grin) Love the little shops you find everywhere!