Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Before too much time slips away

In case you think I have forgotten how to find my machine, I have been doing a few fabric projects.  My two smallest grandgirls will be in their aunt's wedding, so those dresses needed re-hemming.  Janet W. is organizing three raffle baskets for the Statewide CTA lunch and I have been helping with that.  I got the border on a quilt that I made some while ago, and know who I will give it to.  I have done some machine quilting on a quilt started last year, made with antique fabrics from Spakenburg, NL.  And I got the border sewn on and was doing hand sewing while awaiting Alayne who was driving us to the airport.  We have safely and happily arrived in the Netherlands and friend, Caro's home.  Lovely to be here.

Today was a trip into downtown den Haag.  We had a terrific time, walking and walking, a bit of 
shopping, some lunch (cream of artichoke soup - oh my was that terrific) and then a bit more walking.  Now just relaxing with a cup of tea.

Off to friend Dieuwke's for dinner at her new apartment.  Great fun!
I forgot one more fun thing, in the window of the chocolatier, this hand bag.  And yes, it is all made from chocolate.