Monday, August 4, 2014

RVing week-end out on the coast

 i am not sure in what order photos will come up, but here is the words part.

It was our monthly outing, this time in Westport, WA.  We arrived on Thursday.  Friday morning qe started the day with a bicycle (practice) ride.  [Americans reading this will understand that we do not do enough riding, on a regular basis to consider ourselves able to ride 20-25 miles (+\- 40 km).  As that is what awaits us on this upcoming bicycle grip, training is required.]. So this was a week-end filled with bike riding, game playing and of course, eating.  How joyfilled is that?

One group of gals got up waaaaaay early and went fishing.  They all caught their limits within a couple of hours, so that meant fresh BBQ salmon for the Saturday evening potluck.  In the morning we had our minthly book group, this time discussing "The Orphan Train".  Not the most challenging read but interesting.  Saturday lunch was fresh crab bought from one of the crab boats that just brought it in.  Such a treat.  Potluck supper was to bring something from your family heritage.  Elaine asked for Bahmi (Dutch/Indonesian).  No planned activities on Sunday, so more bike riding, games and left-overs.  Head home on Monday.

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