Saturday, August 16, 2014

More happenings at home then . . . . .

So, to bring y'all up to date with this crazy Nana -

we had one more camping trip scheduled for this busy summer of 2014 [although there are a couple of fall dates on the calendar].  Not the easiest to reach, but a wonderful park is Alder Lake.  It is part of the Tacoma Power Utility network.  We are told that Alder dam supplies electricity to both the city of Tacoma as well as some which is sold to Bonneville Power.  [interestingly, it doesn't supply the park itself - which might have been nice]

It really is lovely, although I could have done without the young men in their noisy power boats.  And that mountain - you can practically reach out and touch it,
It's a different side of Mt. Rainier than the side we see from home.  Really gorgeous.

Our friends Mary and Marne and their daughter Amelia came down for one day,
and as you can see, we had lovely weather.

We are now on the countdown to another biking trip.  Much to do, as well as getting in more "saddle" time.  It was drizzling fairly hard, but still warm.

Dinner with the little girls (and mom and dad).  Phone calls will have to suffice for the big ones, as they are headed to camp.

Hope we have everything that we need - or else we'll have to borrow it from Caro and Rob.  We will stay with them before we begin biking.  Stories and photos to follow.  Woo Hoo!

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  1. What a fun last adventure before making your big trip! Have a save one and see you on thursday! Looking forward to it!