Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A bit behind - jet lag, and all

Well, we made it home.  And while my sleeping habits are not quite adjusted, we're getting there and I'm managing to stay awake until at least 10pm.  Mostly it's just the early morning.  Oh well.  It does mean that I can quietly work on "shoveling out" my quilt room, which became the storage place for all our extra things while traveling.  So, go back a number of days,

On the next to last day of my extended stay in the Netherlands, Dieuwke and Diana and I went to Amsterdam, specifically to visit Den Haan and Wagenmakers - a most incredible quilt fabric store.  You could imagine our distress when we learned that it will likely to closing in the not too distant future or at least altering considerably.  The two men who founded the store with reproductions of old fabric patterns, many (most?) from the Dutch East Indies company, sold the store a few years ago to Petra Prinz, who also has a marvelous shop in Zutphen.  However, those two men have decided, apparently, to no longer be making the repoduction fabrics for which they are known world-wide.  And so the shop will be changing.  The fabrics are exquisite and colorful and unique.  So sad, so sad.  We each managed to find a few things that we couldn't live without.  After our lunch, it was fun to wander a bit in A'dam to notice the architecture for which it is known.  Great memories.

Caro and I worked on finishing up our American flag mini quilts and then decided to make little bags to hold dice.  Caro printed fabric which included the scoring of the dice game, Farkle, for the front of the bags.  Fun!  See her blog: Caro-en-rob.blogspot.com

Lucky for me, I arrived on a lovely, partly cloudy day.  So nice.  And we have had a number of pleasant days since.

I do love the spring.  Today, alas, rain and gray.  Good weather for:
but I will still need to go outdoors with my "babysitting" duty:
Ariza is a lovely, good dog and really not trouble at all.  Happy week before Memorial Day.  We're headed off camping.  I'll report in next week.

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  1. What a fun report of your last days in Holland.
    The flowers in your garden look lovely. Nice to see the roses are already blooming, it is still to cold here for that. Your sitting dog looks like a sweety. Have a fun weekend camping out!