Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday reporting

Elaine got off and Caro and I headed to Delft.  We have been trying to find a replacement for the earrings Susan bought two years ago and has lost one of.  No such luck.  once again there was no art market, as promised by the VVV (tourist office).  Oh well, it is such a fabulous town and I love to be there.  There even was some sunshine on our arrival but we left as the rain was beginning (again).  I forgot to mention the small concert in the Catholic Church.  Very nice.

Caro and I have doing lots and lots of sewing.  Some photos below.  The cute little flag piece is just like the one we saw at Yvonne's last week.  I will take it home and finish it.  I have taken the antique fabrics from Spakenburg and made the 3D squares.  It is such a "happy" little piece, again likely finished at home.

On Sunday Caro and I visited Palais Soesdijk, the former home of Queen Juliana.  Her daughter, the former Queen Beatrix, grew up there.  It is such a lovely, lovely home and fabulous grounds.  It is interesting that there is quite a bit of conversation going on around if or how it will be maintained.  There doesn't seem to be the "will" to keep it as a memorial to that queen, and of course, how will it be paid for?  Of course, we did have to stop for coffee at the Orangery (sp?) on the grounds.  On our return we had a short soup making lesson and a bit more sewing.

This morning Caro and I adjourned to Emma's home, nearby, along with Diana, for a sewing morning.  They do this somewhat often.  Emma then served Caro and me a delicious lunch, filled with French taste treats. (Photos below). Of course, we sewed some more.  Tomorrow is breakfast out and then a pretty quiet day.

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  1. Looks like you had nice weather at your visit at Soestdijk. Glad you got to do some sewing done. Have a great trip home, it was a pleasure to meet you and read your blogs about your stay in Nederland.