Wednesday, May 8, 2013

before too much happens and I forget

Monday was just lovely, so we caught Bus 24 and rode to the end of the line at Kijkduin.  We had a bit of a wander around, although many shops are closed on Monday.  had one of our favorite lunches:
Pannenkoeken met spek, kaas en ananas.  (That translates to Dutch pancakes with bacon -although we had ham, cheese and pineapple). Oh yum!  Monday we had dinner with Rob and Caro and their friend Tale came as well.  Rob made his "famous" macaroni with tomato sauce and vegetables.  IT was very nice.  Strawberry shortcake (somewhat improvised) for dessert.

Tuesday was our scheduled visit to Keukenhof and my blankety blank camera decided not to work.  (Of course it would happen at one of the photographic hi lights of the whole trip.). So check it out online.  It was amazing.  Caro came over for some supper and a visit.  She also brought some fabrics for a project we will work on next week. 

This morning (Wednesday) guess what resurrected itself?  We used the last of our discount train passes and went to Amsterdam again.  Today we had an appointment to visit Het Grachtenhuis Museum.  This was a really worthwhile adventure to a really high tech museum about the building of the city of Amsterdam and the multiple canals (grachten) which the city is built around.  It is housed in a lovely old double building on Herengracht, dating from (we can't exactly remember) but likely in the 1600s.  Check out their websites for more photos inside the exhibit.  Sound and movies and holographic s - it was great.  Lunch outside at Spui and a walk back to Central Station.  As we arrived in The Hague we ran into our first rain.  Alas.


  1. Beautiful pictures again and I am so happy that the you had such nice weather during your trips. By the way, did you get a chance to visit De Haan & Wagemaker's?

  2. Den Haan and Wagenmakers is on the agenda for next week. Caro and I are starting a project using "antique" fabrics from Spakenburg. We might need something to go with them.