Sunday, May 5, 2013

The week-End's report

Friday was pretty good (weather wise) and we had a lovely, lazy morning. Got some laundry going and headed to my favorite store Albert Heijn (the grocery store). Got some provisions and Rob came to pick us up about half past two. We drove approx. 90 minutes to their summer house (zomerhuisje). It was warm enough that we could enjoy a little sit in the garden. After supper we went to see the annual Sand Sculpture exhibition. It was a bit unusual to be open in the evening and we were the only visitors there. Saturday after a breakfast of freshly baked and delivered bread, Caro, Elaine and I visited the picturesque village of Spakenburg. This used to be a fishing village and there is a lovely, little harbor right in the middle of town. We returned for lunch and got Rob and visited Mariahoeve. Maria and her two sisters lived on a rather prosperous farm, with few if any, modernization s - for example, they had a telephone as one sister was in poor health, but they did not use electricity until around 1990's. They continued to bake bread in a wood fired oven and wash clothes in a boiling tub until Maria's death in approx. 1997. Sunday again was lovely - although it gets doggone cold during the night. Rob and Elaine dropped Caro and I at Bep's for a sewing day. You know I loved that. She had About 25 of us learning to make a little red and grey pleated bag. Thank goodness for my friends willing to translate for me. My dutch skills aren't nearly good enough. Another grand adventure!

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