Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day Week-end

While my father isn't around any longer, this is the week-end to remember our fathers.  So it's with a smile I remember my dad. 

We were off for a week-end with our RVing group.  Not too many photos, but it was quite a fun week-end with some really good weather.  [notice the sunshine through the trees]  With a western theme, we had a week-end of Cowgirl clothing competition, games involving roping and tossing rings onto cow "horns", a chili potluck, a pig calling competition and a sing-a-long.  [can you tell just how silly we can be?]

We got home, despite some traffic slowdowns and look what I discovered in the front garden.
Look right in the middle of the light pink flowers.  I tried to get closer but she (he?) flew off.  Gorgeous.


  1. Too bad you posted no pictures of you'll in Western outfit, sounds hilarious! Wat an amazing big butterfly, à real beauty.

  2. I totally agree with Yvconne, would love to see you in your Western outfit, chasing pigs ;)Glad the two of you had fun!

  3. I join the chorus for cowgirl pictures please!