Monday, June 24, 2013

We are off camping (again)

This is going to be a BUSY summer for the motorhome.  Go Saskia!  But we are sure enjoying our time out and about.  This trip was east of the Cascade mountains.  If you don't know Washington, the Cascades pretty much divide the state into the wetter western side and dryer eastern side.  So we headed east.  It was a rather long drive to get there.  With a huge slowdown on I-90 (the major highway) it took us about 4+ hours to get east of Wenatchee to Lincoln Rock State Park.  Gorgeous, gorgeous!  These reservations were made 9 (!) months ago, and at that, the selection of available sites was limited, but wow a beautiful place.

Visiting with friends who "Came Along", eating, resting, a bit of quilting - wow it really takes it out of a girl.

My quilt project was trying to finish the binding on the quilt I'm making for the motorhome.  It's all done - bar about 3 feet.

This being "that" time of the year, we did have to enjoy some of the season's bounty,
(aren't they scrumptious looking - and they tasted that good, too!)
[the light ones, if you don't know, are called Rainier cherries.  And, of course, bings.]

Now, believe it or not, we will be at home for two weeks until it's time for the 4th of July camp-out and then heading north for our RV caravan tour.  Oh my goodness.  Ain't life good?


  1. Seems like you having a hard time ; ) outside in the sun. Caro xxxxx

  2. It looks like a great spot to camp and the fruit.....delicious! Have fun preparing for the next trip.