Tuesday, June 4, 2013


This has been a busy few days around Casa Nana.  Gracious.  Sunday, after a magnificent service at church, virtually entirely done by the youth, we ventured out in the sunshine to attend to Miss Saskia (the RV).  We had put everything away after the holiday WET and it was time to really attend to that.  So we went to the storage yard and opened the awning to dry.  We applied Rain-X (a wax-type of material that causes rain to bead up on the windshield and then run off) which really helps in northwest downpours and on the highway.  We got the outsides of the windows washed and measured for a new mattress.  The one we have is minimally adequate but very, very hard on a plywood base.  So Monday it was order a new mattress day.  And wonder of wonders, it should be here on Thursday.  They are made in southern British Columbia and should be down here by mid day.

The weather has continued glorious and just what wonderful spring weather should look like.  Views from the front and back porches,

And this marvelous weather, what should we do but make sure we are dining al fresco.  So last evening it was just perfect for finding ourselves at Ivars for some fish and chips on the back float.  It's noisy, but so great.  That was followed by a most uplifting concert by the University of Washington Gospel Choir spring concert.  Always much fun - and clearly the students really enjoy singing this music, directed by Phyllis Byrdwell from Mt. Zion Baptist Church.  Lots of toe tapping and hand clapping.

So today, despite the sun, I continued some of my "indoor" projects.  I made my blocks for the Stashbusters group quilt effort, as well as strips to be used as sashing between the individual blocks and for the piano-key border.  Bright, huh?
This project I started some while ago and just worked on when I could find some time.  I finally managed to get the string piecing done and the muslin backing trimmed to size.  Now just to sew them together and then add the binding - like the one I made last year.  My sweet son and dear DIL don't have anything to go under the Christmas tree, so this will be a gift for them. Hope they like it.
And about last for today, I made strips and am making binding for the black and white 1600 quilt.  If this is new to you, the name comes from the idea that using a normal "jelly roll" (quilt fabric 2 1/2" strips) is about 1600 inches long, if joined end to end.  You simply join the strips [each in the vacinity of 42 inches long - several of mine were longer] into one long strip, then fold it in half and sew the two pieces together.  You cut where they meet up so now you have a piece which is two strips wide.  You join two and then have four, four and then you have eight, etc. etc.  My sweet friend Alayne is a long-arm quilter and also a member of my RV group.  She has offered to quilt it for us and then we can make a joint donation to the auction.  Good, huh?
And that's about all the news from hereabouts.  Plans are to head to the Oregon coast (that's the Pacific ocean) for a long week-end, with one other RV.  Will have the camera along (now just to remember to use it!)

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  1. After such busy days you must be so ready for a fun long weekend RV trip! Your garden look lovely, glad junuary dicided to become June again and the sun is out. Nice projects you are working on. Please don't forget to take pictures, I would love to see some of the beautiful scenery you will encounter along the way! Have a great weekend!