Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cranbrook to Fort MacLeod

WiFi here is a little "iffy" so here's crossing my fingers that things will work right.

Let's start with a spectacular late evening sky (in Cranbrook)

Nice, huh?  This morning, in brilliant sunshine we took off heading north and east into Alberta.  Our journey began through the mountains, and how really lovely they are,

I am pleased to report that through the mountains, with pretty full tanks and towing a car we were getting over 9 miles per the gallon.  All things considered that isn't at all bad.  We crossed Crowsnest Pass and entered Alberta.

We passed the Frank rock slide (the worst in Canadian history) and then the landscape changed into grazing and agriculture land.  It was windy and there were lots and lots and lots of wind turbines.

After a time for setting up and applying lots of bug spray (to deal with the hordes of mosquitoes that seem to especially adore me - I'm totally chewed up) we did drive into the little town and visit the Fort itself.  Interesting exhibits.  This was the home of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police starting in about 1899.

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  1. I wonder how far east you are heading and were your trip back will bring you. It sure is pretty there!