Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good Sunday morning in Canmore

We have been adjusting to NO internet access.  We are way used to it, in our normal everyday world.  So we're dependent on things that are fully downloaded, so we can read at night.

But on to our adventures.  We are staying in the very sweet town of Canmore, just a little south of Banff.  Banff is the really larger, much more tourist-y town.  Canmore is a bit like Estes Park, if you have been there, in Colorado.  So we have wandered through the town, even the quilt store,

But I'm getting ahead of myself, I guess.  As we left Fort McLeod we stopped at the Head Smashed-In Buffalo Jump.  (isn't that  a name?)  I believe it is a direct translation of the indian language name,
In the time before the natives had horses, the way they captured and killed buffalo (their major source of hides, meat, bone - for tools, etc.) was to drive them over a cliff.  Once the stampede began, the buffalo were unable to stop and fell over the cliff.  In fact, it was fast and relatively easy once the process began.  Interesting.
So, then, back to driving to Canmore.  The scenery is spectacular.  These Rockies are much more rugged and jagged even than Colorado.  The floods in this area that you may have read about were really devastating and in fact, Canmore, was totally cut off for 4 days.  Food and medicines had to be helicoptered in.  The long, long process of clean up is, of course, still happening virtually 7 days a week.
Yesterday we drove into Banff National Park and did a short hike up Johnston Canyon, to the lower waterfalls,

Today we move north to Lake Louise for two days.  Will catch up as soon as we can find adequate wi-fi.  After that it is on to Jasper.  Adventures await.


  1. Wow, Canmore is on our Bucket list, what a nice place to visit! The Rockies from the campground look stunning! Enjoy!

  2. It looks like you have a wonderful time. I love all the pictures. Any interesting quiltshops. What a beautiful logcabin quilt. Happy birthday girls. Enjoy your tour. Big hughs and knuffles from the Netherlands, Caro, Rob and Mies

  3. Have you made any fabric purchases? It is always fun to purchase one's own birthday gift.