Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Couple of things Going-on

Well, I can't say that I have been bored - too many things going on.  So, to fill you in:

Friday was our Pike Place Market adventures, with our houseguest

Saturday morning was a very lovely wedding at a nearby park.  Our dear friends Maud and Alayne were married on a hillside overlooking Lake Washington.  Very nice celebration.
[Karen likes to sleep very late, so I don't think she even missed us.]

Sunday after church, we headed out for a trip to Snoqualmie Falls - one of those nice places to take out-of-town visitors.  I think Karen enjoyed it.

The little town of Snoqualmie was running their steam engine train - fun,

As the weather has been nice, we have been doing some BBQ-ing, in the back yard.  We tried a "trick" we learned this summer on our RV trip.  If you wish to keep the bees away, you hang up a smallish brown paper bag [puff it out like something is in it], and the bees tend to interpret this as a wasp's nest.  At least, so far, it has worked for us (and worked earlier in Canada). 

Monday it was time for Grandma duties, as my DIL had her first day back at school getting her classroom in order for the new year.  (School starts right after Labor Day).  Karen had to get up waaaay early (for her) but she came along and we took the two children for a walk to the Locks.  A lovely morning and a very nice outing.

What is that huge flash?

It's hard to have your photo taken when you are so busy with important projects.


  1. What a lovely pictures. And what a sweet picture of maud and alayne. Caro xxxx

  2. Your granddaughters are the cutest Marne. Don't you want to cuddle them all day like I would like with Rosa? (I am not doing that of course, the poor girl would go crazy)
    What a nice spot to get married on that hill, hope your friends will have a long and happy marriage. And that water fall looks amazing. I am going to google that little town!