Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week-End Review

I am behind in posting.  Last week was some grandma duties and then getting ready to be away for the week-end.  Meal planning, shopping, laundry, etc.  We left on Thursday mid-day.  We made a stop at our previous RV service spot to use up our gift card for cheap propane.  I say previous because they are going out of business.  We are sad as we have used them for the past 5 or 6 years.

We then headed south and west to Westport, WA. on the Pacific Ocean.  It is an RV park that we have been in many years previously and one of our favorites.  American Sunset RV  This year it was the event of our "every once in a while" fund-raising auction for our RV club.  We worked quite hard but managed to raise about $4000, so everyone felt like it was a great success.  Some things sold for less than their value, but others were quite profitable, so all in all, it kind of evened out.  I am happy to report that my quilt
 (do you remember this one?) sold for $310, to a new member.  She was quite happy as it went with her black and white and grey and red decor.  So all in all, it was quite positive.  I managed to find a number of smaller things, so everyone felt quite good, at the end of the day.

We ate some fabulously fresh salmon that 3 gals caught early on Saturday morning, had a beach-themed potluck and lots and lots of games.  We stayed an extra night and just enjoyed "hanging out".  Also did some bike riding, as there is a terrific paved bike path, through the beach grass (duinen).  For me who hasn't done a lot of riding, it was great fun and just about at my skill level.

On the way home we stopped at DD's new home, outside Olympia, WA.  And discovered that there is a perfect spot to park the RV.  So that may be an up-coming event.  Got home through moderate traffic and all put away before we collapsed on the sofa.  This morning (Tuesday) it was grandma duty again. Oh those girls are just so doggone cute and are really fun and easy to take care of.

Quite the adventures.  I will repeat this duty on Friday, as well.

Oh I forgot, before we left for the week-end, I finished another 1600 quilt top.  I quite love the colors,
No real plans for this one, but it was fun to do it up.

And tomorrow, there will be some more adventures of the 'quite memorable' type.  I finally caught up with a friend from several (maybe 25?) years ago on facebook.  And so I kept bugging her to write me a long, catch-up email.  She surprised me with one even better, she and her family were coming to Seattle.  So tomorrow she and her now almost 32 year old daughter are coming for lunch.  This is truly going to be quite an adventure and no doubt a busy time of filling in the intervening years.  I'm so excited to see Julia.

Of course, it is Labor Day week-end, so Saturday morning we will take off for the hinterlands, until Tuesday.  Yeah for our little RV, Saskia.  "Oh the places you'll go"  And then, September (already)!

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  1. What a fun weekend with great food (love fresh salmon!) and fun Oma days ahead with those two cuties. I am having one coming up tomorrow too, always looking forward to it!
    Love the new quilt you made, beautiful colors you used. Have fun with your new found old friend!