Friday, August 9, 2013

"Gypsy Blood"

That's what Yvonne said, I must have gypsy blood - all these RV trips.  It is interesting to think about, exactly why do I love traveling and staying in the RV so much?  I don't know that answer, so I guess I just need to keep trying it out and seeing what is so pleasant.

Last Saturday, we left for Lake Easton State Park.  It is 69 miles from Seattle (I think that is about 90km), so it really isn't far but feels like we are well and truly away from home.  I love this park.
and that's even after they cut down at least 1/3 of the trees due to a root fungus that was causing some trees to just fall over.  They have planted and planted, so should I be around (unlikely) 30 years from now, there will be lots and lots of new trees.  Granted this is not a "perfect" park - there is way too much noise from the nearby highway, but it rather becomes 'white noise' after a bit and you just ignore it.  And when you are down at the beach, playing with the kids, you can't hear it at all.  So here are a few shots of us,

Miss B's first camping adventure with us.  She was a fabulous little trooper (although she didn't go a bunch on those peas!)

We also got to make 3 terrific walks in the area.  Day 1, after the kids left.

Day 2,

Day 3,

Nice, huh?  We had a great time, got lots of little projects done, read, napped, sewed - even our dear Ms. Elaine did some sewing - mending her chair:
Who'd have thought it?

Our friend Karin, from Groningen (Holland) arrives tomorrow.  Lots happening.


  1. Haha....yes I recognize your need to travel so it must be Gipsy blood. This looksmlike a fun family trip in a beautiful park. The pictures are great! Have fun with your friend Karin!

  2. Lovely pictures, they show you are having a lot of fun. Hugs for you and your friend!