Saturday, September 7, 2013

Tardy again

Sorry - life has been happening and I have not been blogging.

Some more babysitting for the sweet little ones:

Maybe it's because I had my first when we were living in England, but I "learned" that it's good for little ones to have their naps outside (under cover but lots of fresh air).  So when the weather is good enough, little Ms. L has a nap on the front porch.  She seems to rest well.  Ms. B and I played with Little People and sang "Wheels on the Bus" about 7000 times.  :-).

Then it was the holiday week-end and we headed out in Saskia (that's the name of the motorhome.  Actually it's Saskia, #2, as we had one before.)  We "camped" without any hook-ups with several friends, mostly in their rigs and, as we have before, had a great time.  Just lots and lots of coffee, campfires, games, and sorting out many of the "big" (and little) issues of the world.  Fun, fun.  To avoid traffic (and we did) we didn't come home until Tuesday.  Wednesday I took Saskia to a new (to us) RV repair place, much closer to our storage place.  Only 7.5 miles.  There was a recall for something related to the batteries.  But it was fixed (no charge, of course) and they did a courtesy "20 point" check.  Everything looks good.

Turns out that the Honda also had a recall - something related to the master switch for the electric windows - and got that done yesterday (Friday).  So with luck, all our motorized vehicles are all set for whatever comes next.

Today it's a wedding reception/open house.  However, we started the morning with some yard work.  [Yes, Caro, even I did some yard work!]
Fall blooming cyclamen

Winter blooming crocus just beginning

Lots of weeds pulled and bushes trimmed

Some new bark around the blueberry bushes
Been working really hard on cleaning the sewing room.  With luck I may even be able to post a photo - in the next few days.


  1. It must be in the air. I also did a lot of tidying up and cleaning in my sewing room. Hard work ; ).
    Caro xxxx

  2. That is what I call busy,busy,busy.... Fun time with your sweet and cute grandkids. I always kept Rosa outside too after she fell asleep in her stroller. Glad everything on wheels is fixed and the garde ready for winter. It looks like you have done a great job.

  3. As you tidy, start picking out 50 fat quarters for a great project I have in mind for a sewing day while Caro is visiting.
    Your grand darlings are the cuties babies in Ballard.