Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday is a new week

Hello, hello, dear readers.  Somehow it seems that autumn is quickly approaching, although we are currently having a marvelous Indian summer.  Temperatures may even hit 90` by mid week.  Wow.  It was quite foggy this morning, but by noon, it was lovely sunshine and blue skies.

Today I was able (for the first time since March) -let me begin that sentence again, hearing my mother's voice in my ear - Today I chose to attend the monthly CTA meeting.  (Clothing and Textile Advisors).  If you aren't familiar, this is an organization that used to be part of the Washington State University Extension service.  However, when funding cuts were running amok, CTA was cut loose from Extension.  We now exist - a bit in limbo - as an independent statewide organization that supports the idea that sewing, in all its forms, is something that we want to see continue and flourish.  We teach classes, we hold sewing days which members of the public may join, we sew on four main service projects, have retreats, etc. etc. etc.  Unfortunately, King County does not have this program so I had to choose between Pierce Co. and Snohomish Co and I chose north.  Our monthly meeting are held at McCollum Park [Paine Field exit from I-5].

Today they handed out the materials for two Christmas projects.  We will make fleece hats,

and make Christmas stockings,
Before they are given to a local shelter for teens, they will be filled with appropriate goodies, e.g. toiletries, socks, toothbrush, etc, etc.  Last year we made 34 filled stockings and an equal number of hats.  The kids seem to like them.

This is a good organization and they are quite "giving" of their time.  Last year they donated more than 5000 hours sewing for community organizations, including pajamas, tote bags, walker bags and preemie quilts.  You may remember I have made those in the past.  So it is time to start thinking about Christmas.  Yikes!!!

In my own sewing room, what's new?  Well I tried something - kind of "what the heck".  I took some small 2 1/2" strips (perhaps about 20" long) and put them together in the 1600 quilt manner.  I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but it was kind of alright.  Perhaps a table topper?
It is about 2 ft. by 4 ft.  Just for fun!

I also made a very quick stop at Goodwill just because I could.  My friend Ronda always finds amazing treasures.  I'm not usually quite that successful, but often find something.  This time it was 2+ yards that might be a good back, for $3.99.  Not too bad.
And so it goes.  


  1. Lovely all your projects. You won't get bored!! I think the 1600 inch quilt is perfect to make. The weather here is a little bit like autumn as well. Although we had a fantastic sunny day yesterday. So lovely cycling weather and of course quiltshopping in Spakenburg. Bought some little gift to bring with me in november. Have a good week. Caro xxxx

  2. Love the things you are going to make for charity. You are going to make some people really happy at Christmas that is a nice thought. Nice coloured table topper. Greetings from a rainy Holland!